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Renovation of former bishops’ home complete

A couple in North Yorkshire have come to the end of a lengthy renovation project which saw them bring their Victorian property up to modern standards.
Rob and Ruth Penty were eager to modernise and move into the building, which they had inherited from Rob’s father, but soon realised that they were facing a much larger project than just modernisation.

The house was originally built in 1894 by the Church of England and was a home for retired bishops. During the early 1920s, Rob’s ancestors bought the property and rented it out.

The couple were keen to settle in the building with their children, as it had more room and land than their previous abode, hence the decision to renovate. After five years of extensive work, the home is now completely transformed. Underfloor heating has also been installed in an attempt to keep energy costs down.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, though. The couple hit problems when they had to have the foundations dealt with by experts, costing them £35,000 – a big chunk of their budget. Drainage had to be replaced, costing £15,000, while the repairing of the chimneys cost £5,000. It is hoped, however, that in the long run, the underfloor heating will help the couple to save a significant amount of money.

The income from the holiday home will help the family to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. Ruth has already started to prepare by rescuing some hens from a battery farm and buying short horn cattle.