Multi zone underfloor heating systems

Multi-room systems are used when you would like to control the heating in different rooms at different times and temperatures, the main difference between this system and a standard room kit is that it is supplied with multiple thermostats and a wiring centre, the wiring centre allows the switching on of different zones at different times.

  • Multiple Room Water Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Multiple Room Water Underfloor Heating Systems
    • Multiple room systems are also supplied with the pipework based at the higher output 200mm pipe spacing centres.
    • Multiple room systems are ideal for areas of 2 or more zones that require individual control, they are perfect for new builds or refurbishments.
    • Multiple room kits also have the option of selecting for a central control touchpad, this gives you the option of controlling every room in the house from 1 central location. Systems with a central Touch Pad must be wired in CAT6 cable.
    • These kits contain the manifold pump mixing valve unit as shown
    inc vat

Each manifold port can control up to 100m of pipe each zone is controlled by the actuator valve on the manifold – so when the system calls for heat (i.e. your thermostat is set to come on) the valve opens up and lets the water flow down the pipe. If you are planning on combining this system with an existing radiator circuit then it should be installed independently at the boiler with a new 2 port motorised valve on an ‘S’ plan type system.

Multiple room 4 circuit system (wiring not shown) Not to be used on a 'y' plan system

Multiple room 4 circuit system