Single zone underfloor heating systems

Single zone systems are designed to control different sized areas from 10m2 to 100m2. You will see 2 different types of single zone system in our shop Standard room and High Output, the only difference between these 2 options is the amount of pipe you get with the kit.

  • Things to consider

    • The size of kit you order will determine the type of Pump/mixing valve you will receive in the kit.
    • Please note it is the pipe spacing that determines the amount of square meters you can cover.
    • The single longest run of pipe you can have is 100m.
    • A standard kit spacing of 250mm between pipes would cover an area of 30m2.
    • A high output kit spacing of 200mm between pipes would cover an area of 24m2.
  • Single Zone Water Underfloor Heating Systems
Single zone grundfos pump

The pump can be controlled 2 ways - Option 1

The easiest way is to connect a flow and return from your existing radiator circuit (i.e. teeing off your radiator pipes) this means that when your existing radiators are programmed to come on (usually be your time clock next to the boiler) the underfloor heating pump will also come on, providing that both your radiator thermostat and your underfloor heating thermostat are calling for heat (please note – the underfloor heating pump will not run until the water temperature in the pipes has reached 40 degrees).

Any standard room kit which covers up to 30m2 will be supplied with our pre-assembled Grundfoss Single Zone Pump & Mixing Valve Unit

A 30m2 kit contains 120m of pipework, which is the maximum amount of pipe allowed on any single zone pump, any more than this will cause the water in the pipe to reduce in temperature before it flows back to the pump.

Grundfos manifold pump with mixing valve

Any standard room kit over 30m2 will be supplied with our pre-assembled Grundfoss Manifold Pump & Mixing Valve Unit

The difference between these 2 systems is that the manifold attached to the pump can handle more zones. The benefit of a manifold means you can add more zones on to the system and heat larger areas (each manifold port can control up to 100m of pipe). Each zone will come on simultaneously when the system calls for heat (i.e. when your thermostat is set to come on).

3 port ProWarm™ manifold

For example

A 50m2 standard kit would be supplied with a 3 port manifold. This means that you can have either 1 large area of 50m2 supplied by 3 pipe zones or you may have 3 different rooms of 20m2 + 20m2 +10m2 supplied by the same kit.

Things to consider

  • The 3 different rooms would all be controlled by the same thermostat.
  • No one zone can use more than 100m of pipe.
  • Length of pipe run from manifold position to room location.

Option 1 (system boiler not combi)

Always check with your installer as boiler configurations can be different to the one shown , this is a standard installation guide for typical set ups.

If you would like to be able to switch the underfloor heating on independently of the radiator system then you will need to tee off the heating circuit at the boiler, this means installing a new 2 port valve on an ‘S’ plan type system to independently control the new underfloor heating zone.

The valve is controlled by the thermostat in the kit supplied, we recommend using a digital thermostat and not a manual dial thermostat, as digital thermostats can program the times it comes on and goes off.

The advantage of installing it this way is that you have independent control of the underfloor heating system.

Single room 2 circuit system (wiring not shown) Not to be used on a 'y' plan system

Single room 2 circuit system