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Bone discovered during restoration of Shropshire town hall

1417678_94310250Contractors working on the restoration of Bishop’s Castle Town Hall in Shropshire have discovered a bone while digging up the floor.

Work was being carried out at the entrance of the building to allow for an underfloor heating installation. According to an archaeologist who examined the bone and the site, the bone is unlikely to be human. However, he did advise caution while working in the area.

The project manager of the restoration, Sam Hine, said that the level of the floor had to be lowered in that area to install the electric underfloor heating mats. However, work had previously been carried out on the site and it is believed that the bone could have been brought in with bricks and rubble.

The total cost of the restoration project is estimated at around £700,000. Work on the Grade II listed building will hopefully be completed by the start of 2014. Just a few weeks before the bone was discovered beneath the floor, contractors discovered a jail cell which dates back at least 100 years. When the work has been completed, the newly restored town hall will be used by all in the community for a variety of events.

A grant of £676,800 was awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund to make the project happen. Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular in restoration work, especially in commercial premises, as it is relatively simple to install and maintain and it keeps energy bills low.