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Derelict Victorian terrace turned into ice cool eco-home

1425594_21813331A derelict Victorian property in Brixton, South London has been replaced by an eco-friendly home which has already been nicknamed ‘the ice cube’.

The run-down terraced house was purchased by Carl Turner and his partner Mary Martin for £475,000. It was then restored by architect Turner and sold for £500,000. However, on a plot of land which he had retained, Slip House was built, which he believes to be one of the most energy efficient homes in the UK, with electric underfloor heating and a ground source heat pump.

The new home is a three-storey property with three cantilevered boxes standing on top of each other. The building has a glacial appearance as it is coated in opaque glass over polished concrete. The interior of the building is made up of white walls, with sliding doors which are made of birch ply.

The box on the ground floor is currently being used as a studio, while the middle box is used to house the sleeping quarters and bathroom. The upper floor is where Mr Turner and his partner live. The home is extremely well insulated to ensure maximal energy efficiency. Solar panels, as well as the ground source heat pump, increase this even further, while the electric underfloor heating maintains thermal comfort throughout.

Rainwater harvesting equipment has been added to the house, along with a wildflower roof. Although the fittings in the house are all of a high quality, the couple chose to be frugal with the replaceable items. Slip House is now thought to be worth around £1.5 million.