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How long does it take to install underfloor heating?

You’ve finally got round to installing underfloor heating in that utility room or bathroom – it’s the 21st Century, you shouldn’t be doing the ‘cold feet’ dance anymore in the morning – but you still need to decide how much time to set aside for the project.

Installation times can of course vary per room and project, whether you are bringing in a tradesman to do the work or tackling it yourself. Our experts here at the Underfloor Heating Store have got the cold (warm) hard facts when it comes to installation time for your new energy efficient, underfloor heating system:

So just how long would a tradesman estimate for an underfloor heating job?

Well, of course this varies depending on the property and scale of the job but typically an electric underfloor heating system can be installed within an hour – from priming the subfloor, to laying the heating system and wiring up the thermostatic control.

Wet underfloor heating is a lengthier process and can take a few hours due to the pipework having to be installed, plus the pump and then the filling of the system. The Underfloor Heating Store’s ProWarm conservatory packs (30m2) can be installed ready for screeding in two hours – however this may vary on room size.

Overall, a tradesman preparing to install an electric or water underfloor heating system – in a suggested kitchen/dining area of 24m2 (once the kitchen units have been reduced) – would factor in around two working days for the installation of either type of system. This factors in preparation time, set up and drying times for adhesives for wet systems.

Can anything delay a system installation?
A screed floor can cause delays if it is not completely dry, prior to an electric system with insulation boards being installed. However, delays shouldn’t occur as long as the person installing the underfloor heating has all the correct equipment at hand and they follow step-by-step instructions correctly.

Installing a wet system within a screed can take a few months to fully dry out but this would not delay the installation of the system as such, just the fitting of the finished floor covering.

Our systems, for example, have been designed so that your everyday homeowner/DIY enthusiast can fit them. The ProWarm electric underfloor heating mats are by far our quickest and easiest system to install. The heating mats come pre-spaced and assembled, saving the installer any hassle when it comes to laying the system in small intricate areas and time when installing in larger areas.

The self-adhesive backing with these types of systems can be easily peeled back and the mat fibreglass mesh then adhered to the subfloor. The heating mat is then ready for a final coat of levelling compound or tile adhesive (depending on the flooring you are using) prior to installation of the floor covering.

We hope this helps you make a decision when it comes to setting time aside for your exciting new DIY project and that you enjoy your underfloor heating system once it’s fully installed and running!