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Find the right thermostat for you

Finding the correct thermostat for your new electric underfloor heating system can be tricky given the numerous models which are currently on the market. The factors for choosing your new thermostat will involve the functionality, affordability and how the style will look matched to your home furnishings. The Underfloor Heating Store will have no qualms in ensuring that you find one that meets all these factors given the numerous options they have on sale.

Firstly is our personal favourite, the all new Pro IQ system, which is the newest thermostat on offer made by Prowarm which was launched in 2014. There are 5 available colours to perfectly suit all customers home décor with more ready to launch in late 2015. The days of wishing you had pre-set your heating to kick in for your arrival home from your long commute or being filled with post-break blues after a scorching summer holiday knowing you will be arriving back to a chilly home are over as you are able to control this thermostat using your tablet or smart phone from any location. This is a must for any busy person on the go who hasn’t got time to engage with time clocks and thermostats. Possibly the most swish choice on offer you are able to create a fully controllable network system for your home heating. Prices range from as little as £69.99 making this an affordable option whilst providing top of the range features and a polished design.

Perfect for: people on the move, families and young professionals

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Similar to the Pro IQ system is Warmup’s offering of thermostat. The 3IE and most recently introduced is the 4IE. Like the Pro IQ this system also comes in a variety of colours such from Piano Black to a more vibrant Leaf Green. This range of thermostat is innovative, interactive and intelligent all combined into a discreet sized thermostat. The 3IE adjusts to the ever changing conditions of your home, room and seasons to ensure maximum energy efficiency which has been proven to save up to 10% on your home heating bill. This thermostat comes with a full colour touch screen and graphical programme display making any adjustments and general user-face as easy as possible. The 3IE was the first thermostat able to provide a real-time graphical display showing how much energy you are using and when. Launched in early 2015 was the arrival of the 4IE which allows you to control your heating from your smart phone and tablet in the way the Pro IQ allows you to. The built in Wi-Fi learns how you use your heating and the way your home uniquely reacts to this before making suggestions on ways to save energy. It also includes WarmApps a feature which gives you access to the latest traffic alerts and transport delays. For ultimate personalisation you can also upload an image to be used as the thermostats background. Prices begin at £99.99 for 3IE’s with 4IE’s beginning at £159.99.

Perfect for: gadget lovers, people with a higher budget and busy professionals and families




Taking thermostats back to basics is the affordable ProWarm Digital which is an ever-growing best seller which is available in white or silver. At only £59.99 or an extra 9.99 as an upgrade to any ProWarm electric kit this thermostat is powerful with a sleek design which will fit nicely into any home. This thermostat gives you the option to switch between three different sensing modes (air, floor or air and floor) with an automatic blue back-light. You can easily toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit to suit your preference. This straight-to-the-point thermostats enables the simplest user-face allowing you to increase or decrease the temperature fuss free. The lifetime warranty makes this thermostat one of the most attractive on sale.

Perfect for: everyone who wants a fuss-free user interface

pro digital with screen colour