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Builders and retrofitters urged to carefully consider heating options

According to a report by, retrofitters and home builders need to carefully consider heating technology options suitable for homes and the households that live in them.

All families deserve to feel cosy and warm and have access to hot water at all times, and there are many heating options available including radiators and heat circulators. A recommended and popular heating source is underfloor heating, which can work with existing boilers or be powered by renewable energy. Underfloor heating can be installed beneath tile, wood and other types of floor covering. Underfloor systems can be embedded in the construction of the floor or placed on an existing floor surface.

Households that want to reduce their carbon emissions as well as saving money on lower energy bills can use heat pumps or solar panels to generate the heat for underfloor heating.

BelfastLive says that underfloor heating is suitable for both retrofitting and new builds. It makes hard surfaces feel warm and can be installed in all rooms from small to large, including kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Smart heating systems mean that individual zones in the home can be independently controlled so that every area is just the right temperature.

Underfloor heating is invisible so does not spoil the aesthetics of any room. BelfastLice says that all homes should have heating that provides:

“…high efficiency and long-term savings delivered by a ‘smart’ heating system designed with the unique needs of the occupant and building in mind.”