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Prince Charles wins planning battle to keep underfloor heating

Planning officers have looked into the situation regarding an underfloor heating system installed in a Scottish therapy location, and have decided to allow the system to remain.

The Prince’s Foundation, started by Prince Charles, installed underground heating at Dumfries House, Ayrshire. The charity has admitted that the heating system was installed at the alternative therapy centre without planning permission, so there was a danger that planning officers could ask for the heating to be removed.

However, a planning officers’ report has said:

“The ground collector and flow and return pipework will all be located underground ensuring the proposals is, in the long term, going to have no visual impact on the landscape”

The geothermal underground system relies on a heat pump that uses heat from the earth in winter and uses the ground as a heat sink in summer.

Prince Charles is a champion of measures to protect the environment, and underfloor heating saves energy, making it more environmentally friendly than many other forms of heating. About half the energy for the Prince’s offices and homes come from renewable sources, including solar panels and wood chip boilers. He also owns a Jaguar I-Pace electric car.

The clinic at Dumfries Houses offers free holistic care. Patients are referred to the clinic by NHS doctors.

Whether in a large home like Dumfries House or a small flat, everyone can benefit from the energy savings of electric underfloor heating. System prices are reasonable and can be installed by DIY enthusiasts or professional installers. Electric underfloor heating can be powered by mains electricity or greener alternative energy sources.