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Underfloor heating a key part of innovative new room idea

A new self-assembly system that uses prefabricated parts has been developed as a solution to adding a new room to a home. Underfloor heating keeps the room warm.

Studio Ben Allen has developed the room, which is delivered as a flatpack kit. The geometric panels in the kit are made from low-VOC (volatile organic compound) materials that are numbered and pre-drilled. The basic structure can be built in two days by two people, with extra days needed for the cladding, linings and installation of the underfloor heating. It does not require specialised building knowledge and is suitable for self-building, though an electrician is needed to connect the power to the underfloor heating and other electrical items.

Called “A Room in the Garden”, it is designed for families who have outgrown the space in their home and is a cost-effective way of adding an additional room without the expense of moving to a larger house. It provides more comfort and luxury than a simple garden shed. The large double doors can be opened on warm summer days, and the underfloor heating makes sure that the structure is warm and cosy on cold days and nights.

Ben Allen himself said that the first installation of “a Room in the Garden” is a research project, adding:

“We have attempted to push the boundaries and innovate, creating something beautiful on a very modest budget.”

The underfloor heating system is energy efficient and not expensive to run.