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Cave house offers cosy underfloor heated retreat

Rockhouse Retreat is Britain’s first 21st-century cave house. Most people think that caves are cold and damp, but this one is warm and cosy thanks to underfloor heating.

The cave house has been used as a home for 700 years, and the last residents left in 1962. In 2015, the abandoned cave was refurbished with top-class amenities, which turned it into a luxury retreat centre that holidaymakers can rent for the weekend. The renovation project was featured in the Channel 4 television programme “Grand Designs”. Its presenter, Kevin McCloud, described Rockhouse Retreat as:

“One of the most thought provoking designs we’ve seen on the show yet.”

The cave features underfloor heating and a rainforest shower described as a “cave oasis”. It also has a king-sized bed, wood fire, fitted kitchen, internet access, terrace for entertainment and a firepit. Visitors can book yoga sessions and leather tanning courses during their stay in the cave.

Rockhouse Retreat is located in three acres of woodlands at Kidderminster in Worcestershire. For those who want to experience the life of cavemen, but with the modern luxury amenities, this unique holiday retreat can be booked online.

Underfloor heating is a great way to heat a cave that is thousands of years old. More modern homes can also benefit from the year-round, even warmth of underfloor heating. A major benefit of this type of heating is its energy efficiency, which reduces energy costs and carbon emissions.