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Stone and underfloor heating ideal for natural floor

Stone flooring and underfloor heating has been named a great choice for a durable and natural-looking floor.

Jenny McFarlane, writing for, recommends stone flooring. Most people think of stone floors in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and conservatories, but McFarlane says stone is suitable for all rooms, including bedrooms and living areas.

A frequently asked question for those considering stone flooring is whether underfloor heating can be used with a natural stone floor. The answer is yes, as stone is an efficient conductor of heat. A stone floor can feel cool, especially when walking on it in socks or bare feet. This is beneficial on hot days, but not in winter.

A stone floor room with underfloor heating feels warm and cosy when the outside temperature drops. As stone conducts heat efficiently, underfloor heating can be operated at much lower temperatures compared to radiator-based central heating.

There are many types of stone available, including flagstone, slate and limestone. All are suitable for underfloor heating systems. Some types of stone are more durable than others, and all will show signs of wear after a few years. Many homeowners prefer aged stone and install new tumbled stone flooring that has an old, worn look. Most stone flooring has been treated to resist stains and is easy to clean.

Underfloor heating combined with a heat pump is very energy efficient and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of a home. To make the home more environmentally friendly, flooring made from reclaimed stone is available.