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Irish company develops biofuel boilers to heat homes

Grant Engineering, based in Birr, Ireland, has invested a quarter of a million pounds in researching and developing the Grant Vortex biofuel boiler to heat a home and reduce carbon emissions.

The boilers use a 100% biofuel called hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). This oil is often used for power generators and buses. The Glastonbury festival also uses HVO to generate its electricity. HVO is manufactured in bulk, but is not easily available in all parts of the UK. However, more HVO plants are currently being constructed.

All new boilers manufactured by Grant Engineering that are fuelled by traditional oil are made to be future-proof. When biofuel is available, the boilers require only a small modification.

A biofuel boiler is ideal for using with underfloor heating to provide an energy-efficient way of heating a home. Grant Engineering is continuing to research alternative synthetic and biofuels so that households can benefit from clean smart energy systems.

The UK government is encouraging households to install heat pumps with underfloor heating to improve a home’s energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Heat pumps are expensive, averaging at around £10,000. This puts them beyond the reach of many households.

Biofuel boilers, on the other hand, could be a better option, as they are less expensive. A home does not have to have a new boiler or heat pump to install water underfloor heating, as it can be used with an existing boiler. Electric underfloor heating and underfloor heating mats use electricity to warm floors and don’t need a boiler.