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Luxury dog hotel features underfloor heating

The luxury dog spa and hotel industry is booming, and many dog hotels are boasting underfloor heating to pamper pets.

The UK dog population is estimated to be numbered at 11 million, and it has increased by 10% since the pandemic began. When dog owners go away, some don’t want to leave them in traditional dog kennels – they prefer for the canine members of the family to be treated to a luxury hotel break. The UK pet day-care and boarding market is worth £1.3 billion a year.

The Canine Country Club in Youlstone, Devon is an example of the new high standard of dog care. Modelled on a luxury hotel, it has 15 suites with cotton bedding, memory foam beds, views of the garden and underfloor heating.

The owner, Rachel Seagrave, says that the dogs are so content in their rooms that the hotel is quiet, with very little barking even when the place is full. In addition to the luxury heating system, the dogs enjoy woodland walks, a hydro-pool, air-conditioning and organic food. Owners are sent daily updates on how their pets are enjoying themselves at the hotel. One owner even asked that their dog be read a bedtime story every evening, as the dog appeared to love children’s books.

Of course, it is not just dogs in a luxury canine hotel that get to experience the benefits of underfloor heating. This form of heating provides even, warm heat and is very energy efficient, saving on energy bills. The whole household, including pets, can enjoy the luxury of underfloor heating.