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Survey reveals willingness to switch to green heating

In a survey conducted by the RSK Group, eight out of 10 people said that they would be prepared to change how their homes are heated in order to reduce their environmental impact.

A heat pump, combined with underfloor heating, makes a home more energy efficient and reduces carbon emissions. These heating systems are expensive, however, costing several thousand pounds. Most survey respondents said that they would require at least a 50% financial contribution from the government to afford greener heating.

The government’s Clean Heat Grant, which is due to be available from April 2022, provides grants of £4,000. However, this is not enough to make heat pumps and underfloor heating affordable for many households.

According to Euro News, Darren Snaith, a director of the RSK Group, commented:

“It shows the importance of sufficient government incentives to encourage the uptake of heat pumps as a viable alternative to gas boilers.”

Heat pumps absorb heat from the air or the ground and use compressors to increase the temperature. They use electricity, but are very energy efficient. Heat pumps provide hot water for both the house and for use by underfloor heating systems. The water that is heated is not very hot, but it is sufficient for bathing and underfloor heating, which does need to operate at high temperatures to provide warm, comfortable heat.

For households that cannot afford heat pumps, energy savings can still be made by installing underfloor heating powered by electricity or gas boilers.