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Underfloor heating named favourite way to upgrade bathroom

A survey by B&Q found that 37% of respondents want to upgrade their bathroom, and that underfloor heating is one of the most popular upgrades.

The survey of 2,000 people found that many people are spending more time in the bathroom. Respondents said it is a place to escape for peace and quiet away from the rest of the household. As well as using the toilet and showering, people ate breakfast, sipped tea and took video calls in the bathroom.

Over 50% of those questioned admitted that they take extra-long showers and baths in order to spend more time alone. Others admitted to drinking beer, phoning friends, napping and making to-do lists in the bathroom. A total of 38% said they have many of their best ideas whilst showering or bathing. Many give motivational talks to themselves in the bathroom to boost their confidence.

According to the Independent, a spokesperson for B&Q said:

“The bathroom is more than just a suite, taps and showers. It’s where we go when we need to be ourselves, it sees our greatest moments of vulnerability, both small and big.”

As people spend more time in the bathroom, they are concerned with how it looks and its amenities. They want to upgrade the bathroom, which they see as the heart of the house. One in five surveyed said that installing underfloor heating is a priority. They appreciate the warm, even heat of this form of heating. Underfloor heating also saves energy bills, especially if controlled by smart thermostats or powered by solar panels.