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British wood flooring developed for underfloor heating

The Access2Funding research and development tax credit scheme has helped a Scottish company develop engineered flooring made from locally sourced timber that is suitable for underfloor heating.

Access2Funding works with businesses to fund research and development by reducing their tax bills. A family run business in Scotland was helped by Access2Funding. The business wanted to make wood flooring from locally sourced Douglas Fir and Scottish Larch trees that could be used with underfloor heating. Solid wood flooring made from these timbers was unsuitable for underfloor heating, as floor planks move during times of humidity and temperature changes.

The solution was to develop engineered wood that is more stable. There was no locally sourced wood flooring on the market, so the company knew if it could successfully develop engineered flooring, there was a market for it, especially amongst homes that wanted a low carbon and sustainable timber option.

It took a while to develop a successful locally sourced flooring product that would be suitable for laying over underfloor heating, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. The owner, Glen Tonkin, was surprised to find how easy and quick it was to apply for Research and Development tax credits through Access2Funding.

Some solid wood flooring is suitable for underfloor heating, depending on the type of timber. Engineered wood flooring is a layered wood product that is compatible with underfloor heating, which has a top layer of natural wood. It doesn’t matter what type of wood this layer is made from.