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Amount underfloor heating can reduce bills by revealed

According to the ITV television programme “Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home”, heating bills can be reduced by £125 a year by installing underfloor heating.

Ranvir Singh, the presenter of the programme, was shown around the Lake House in Sussex by its owner Tim. The house is a sustainable new build that is heated by underfloor heating. Tim said that:

“It’s more efficient than having radiators because the pipes that are underneath where you’re standing, heat up a layer of screed to build up the thermal mass of the screed.”

The home has been built using sustainable timber from Scandinavian forests, and the outer walls are made up of a recycled render.

Though reaching a comfortable, warm temperature in the open plan areas takes around a day, once the home is warm, the underfloor heating does not have to run all the time. If the temperature drops, it just needs topping up with more heat.

Singh announced to viewers that underfloor heating with a modern condensing boiler saves around £125 a year on energy bills. Further energy savings can be made by combining a heat pump with underfloor heating.

Heat pumps are expensive, but the government recently announced that households can receive a £5,000 grant towards the cost of installing heat pumps as part of the United Kingdom’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Heat for underfloor heating can also be generated by using solar panels instead of gas or mains electricity.