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Couple praise new heat pump

In a report by the Guardian, homeowners Steve and Wendy Knight, who installed a new heat pump that provides warmth for their water underfloor heating, have described their pump as being brilliant.

The couple live in an 18th century, Grade II-listed building located in Hunton, North Yorkshire. The house had previously been heated using an oil-fired boiler. They spent £1,000 a year on oil and £900 on electricity.

When their boiler needed replacing, they decided to install a more environmentally friendly heat pump to reduce their carbon footprint. The cost of the air source heat pumps and a new hot water system was £14,000. Speaking to the Guardian, Wendy said:

“We were lucky in that we had already spent a lot of time and money insulating the house.”

The new hot water system provides water for their existing water underfloor heating.

The couple received a £9,000 renewable Heat Incentive Payment, which is paid over seven years. They pay £1,920 a year to their renewable energy supplier, which makes the running costs of the system about the same as using their previous energy bills. This cost includes charging their electric car.

The new hot water system means that they never run out of hot water for baths, and their home feels warmer and drier. The heat pump is also quieter than their old boiler. Wendy said that she would encourage other people to install a heat pump too.

The government wants households to install heat pumps, and so it offers grants for their installation costs.