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Energy price rise spurs energy efficiency improvements

Energy price rise spurs energy efficiency improvements

Energy bills will rise in 2022, which makes it a good time to consider making homes more sustainable and energy efficient. A top energy improvement is underfloor heating.

According to a report by Real Homes, Paula Higgins of the Home Owner’s Alliance says that energy efficiency improvements may be expensive, but they are a good investment, as they add value to the home and reduce energy bills. Before changing a heating system, homeowners should make sure that their home is well insulated. According to the National Insulation Association, insulation can reduce energy bills by £275 annually.

One of the best energy efficient ways to heat a home is underfloor heating, which operates at lower temperatures. In underfloor heating systems, heat is radiated from the floor to provide constant temperatures in all areas of a room. Water underfloor heating can be used with energy-efficient heat pumps or conventional boilers. Electric underfloor heating uses electric wires or mats and can be powered by any electricity source, including renewable electricity generated by solar panels.

Underfloor heating systems are more energy efficient when controlled by a smart thermostat, which schedules the hot water and heating to be turned on only when needed. Different temperatures can be set for each room. A smart thermostat can be controlled by a smartphone app that can be operated from anywhere, including when the household is away from the home. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that turning down a heating thermostat by one degree can save £60 a year.

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