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Do you need a Professional Company to install your Underfloor Heating?

What could sound betterTiled Floor then stepping out of bed on a typically cold British morning to a warm floor making you have the warmest and cosiest feet on the street? This is just one of the reasons why people are taking the plunge and installing underfloor heating. What’s more is that underfloor heating is suitable for a variety of floor coverings from carpet to tiles meaning that it is perfect for any project from new builds to renovations.

There are two types of underfloor heating: electric and water. Electric underfloor heating is where a cable or mat is installed underneath the floor and electricity allows this to warm the floor and room. Whereas water underfloor heating is where pipes are installed under the floor and warm water is pumped around the pipe in order to heat the floor.

Electric underfloor heating is relatively simple to install to anyone who is competent with DIY.  To make the installation easier the cables come entwined into a mesh mat. It is a legal requirement that an experienced electrician connects the system to the electricity supply and tests the system so that it complies with the building regulations and that your safety is ensured. Once the system is installed it will require no maintenance and will last for many years which is guaranteed to save you money.

Water underfloor heating is best suited to new build properties as it may require the floor height to be adjusted making it a lot more complex to install. We would always recommended a professional is hired to install this type of system.  Although you will save on costs by installing this type of system yourself, in the likelihood that something goes wrong, the costs to rectify the issue could prove costly.ProWarm

We recommended that you always seek expert advice before choosing to install underfloor heating in your home. Make sure that you buy the correct system for your floor finish and always purchase a system with a full warranty – such as the Prowarm system that comes with a lifetime guarantee!

If you do choose to install the system yourself then we are on hand with our team of qualified electricians and plumbers to offer assistance as well as being able to give advice on layout, insulation and other aspects of the installation process. Call us today on 0844 800 3396.