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Water Underfloor Heating

When it comes to choosing a heating system, water underfloor heating is a popular choice. Similar to its sister product, electric underfloor heating, it can be installed under a wide range of floor coverings such as stone, tiles or wood.  Water underfloor heating is a smart alternative to more traditional heating systems, such as radiators, as it is installed beneath the floor. This offers more space in the home and makes the floor warm which is perfect for winter mornings across the entire house!

Water underfloor4portwithtouchscreenr heating is a series of pipes connected to the boiler which circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the area. This works by connecting pipes which are laid beneath the floor to a manifold, which is fundamentally a central system used to connect the pipes together and then to the heating system. It will then be connected to a thermostat so that you are in control of the temperature.

The floor will need to be prepared and insulated suitably in order for the system to run effectively and efficiently. The floor may need to be elevated as there needs to be adequate space to accommodate this and the piping. For this reason, water underfloor heating is best suited to new builds as it is not always possible to do so in existing builds as the heating may escape downwards due to insufficient insulation.

In comparison to electric underfloor heating, water is generally more expensive however it will save you money in the long run as the systems are more energy efficient which makes them cheaper to run. They allow the boiler to work at lower temperatures as the heat is evenly distributed.  Water underfloor heating is guaranteed to last offering you total peace of mind.

Before purchasing this type of system we recommend any DIY newcomers to contact us for advice. Our qualified plumbers and electricians are on hand six days a week to provide guidance on the best system for your room size and shape along with any technical install queries you may have.shutterstock_1778287

To make your selection easier we have sorted our water underfloor heating into Bronze, Silver and Gold to suit everyone’s different needs and budget.  Our Bronze range is perfect for when you want to upgrade a small area whereas our Gold range is best for larger spaces that require the best in performance. The Silver range is by far the best value for money as it comes with a 50 year pipe warranty, multiple thermostat upgrades just like the gold range. Take a further look today online or call us on 01268 567016 for advice.

Thinking about Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is an exceptional source of heating for your home and is vastly becoming the most modern way for homeowners toUFHS-Mat-Kit-Double-Mat-Only heat their homes.  Installed in hundreds of thousands of UK homes it is also increasingly popular in public buildings such as hotels and student accommodation. An alternative to traditional methods, underfloor heating essentially turns your floor into a radiator making you wave bye-bye to those pesky cold spots and tiles you face on a cold British morning. Viewed by many as an item of luxury, underfloor heating is actually very affordable and efficient and is packed full of pros such as the system being hidden out of view offering more space and leaving the interior design of your home completely up to you, just the way it should be. It can also be installed under virtually any floor covering such as carpet or wood but it is more commonly used under tiles and stone making it perfect for your bathroom and kitchen. You would be mad not to consider it in your home!

Electric underfloor heating is available in either a mat or cable form and is installed under the floor. A mat is generally best for larger open spaces whilst a cable is more suited to an awkward shaped room due to the flexibility the cable offers. Both rely on a series of wires under the floor that push heat upwards in order to evenly distribute heat which eliminates unwanted draughts and offers a minimal look in the home by not needing radiators. A layer of screed is placed below to ensure the floor is flat before insulation is then placeiQ-stat-blackd on top which makes the system run efficiently and fuss free. Using electric underfloor heating also allows you to run the system at lower temperatures but still provides greater comfort and you and your feet will be toasty and snug due to the even distribution of the heat making you and the room feel warmer.

Electric underfloor heating is relatively easy to install and you would be able to complete this yourself as long as you are competent with DIY however a qualified electrician will be required to connect the system and the thermostat to the mains so you can easily adjust the temperature and allow the system to run smoothly and resourcefully. Underfloor heating is also available using a water system instead of electric however this is more complex to install and is generally more costly to purchase as the electric systems are not too thin and the floor will not need to be raised. The only other costs incurred when purchasing electric underfloor heating are installation, insulation, thermostat ProWarm choice and screeding, making the process moderately affordable and simple.

Made up your mind and decided you want to think about installing electric underfloor heating in your home? Head over to The Underfloor Heating Store where fantastic brands are on sale such as ProWarm, Warmup & Devi where prices begin at only £113.99 for a mat and £84.99 for a cable! Head over to our Facebook page where we are offering an exclusive discount code for liking our page!

10 Reasons to get Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is big news and is currently installed in hundreds of thousands of homes in the UK as well as public buildings such as luxury spas and canal boat B&B’s. Originating from the Roman Empire, underfloor heating is the principle of transforming the floor into a large radiator to provide a comfortable surface temperature as heat rises from the floor in order to warm the whole room. With it vastly growing in popularity, a lot of people know how it works but what exactly are some of the many benefits to underfloor heating? Here are 10 reasons why you should ditch the slippers this winter and allow underfloor heating to warm your heart…

Underfloor heating works by essentially turning your floor into one large radiator. Hidden away by the floor coverings, underfloor heating will make your home seem minimalist and will give you the freedom to decorate and furnish your home just the way you want it without having to worry about ugly radiators getting in the way which make demands on precious wall space.

With energy rates constantly on the rise a lot of people are looking at ways to save energy in the home through such methods like solar panels and an improved central heating system. In short radiators are definitely not energy efficient in comparison to new technology. The energy that is required to power the underfloor heating can be up to two thirds less than what is needed for the average central heating system.

Home renovation plays a key factor for many home owners who are looking to make their homes more profitable for when they are ready to move on. Previously this could have been achieved through methods such as a whole new bathroom or kitchen suite which are costly and time consuming. Now adding underfloor heating in your home will instantly increase the market value of your property. For many house hunters underfloor heating is considered a luxury and can provide that ‘wow factor’ people are seeking.

All ProWarm under tile mats, cables and thermostats come with a lifetime warranty included as standard giving you complete peace of mind when installing your new system. With a standard gas boiler system only expected to last around 10 years, underfloor heating will typically last over 25 years and even longer if the floor coverings are not changed.

Underfloor heating allows heat to be evenly distributed across the whole room and provides coverage to 90-95% of the floor space. Heat produced by a radiator will travel up and back down from the height of the radiator whereas underfloor heating rises straight from the floor below making the room feel a lot warmer. As a radiator is normally situated on one side of the room and typically below a window, a lot of heat will be lost causing unnecessary draughts and creating cold spots as the heat does not travel evenly throughout the room like it does with an underfloor heating system.

Anyone who is competent with DIY should find the installation process relatively simple however water systems are more complex. Although you will need a qualified tradesman to complete some parts of the installation it is still a cost effective method of heating. At The Underfloor Heating Store we are with you every step of the way and have a team of qualified electricians and plumbers who will be more than happy to assist you through the process as well as a great YouTube channel for installation videos. Once your underfloor heating system is installed it requires virtually no maintenance meaning the system can be out of sight and out of mind.

In comparison to a radiator which needs to be run at 70-80°C, underfloor heating requires a steadier temperature of 30-40ºC. This is most effective in open plan spaces as the entire floor radiates heat upwards so that you can benefit from warm feet and even room temperatures. The temperature only needs to be around 2ºC more than the room temperature making it a comfortable environment to live within.

8. GOOD FOR THOSE WITH ALLERGIESTiled Floor pic for ghost fhs_opt
If you suffer with severe allergies then underfloor heating should be a no brainer. Due to the nature of how a radiator system works by heating the room from the top down it is prone to circulate dust around the room. With underfloor heating this is abolished as no irritating particles can be spread as the heating system is concealed within the floor structure and the even temperature it provides circulates cleaner air into the home and reducing the likelihood of dampness.

As previously mentioned underfloor heating means that the temperature of the system is significantly lower when compared to a radiator but still makes you feel warmer meaning that over time you will notice your bill reduce dramatically. Although an initial outlay is required along with installation costs, it is believed that these costs will be recouped in savings within a year. Call us today to find out how much you could save!

If you don’t do it for yourself then do it for your four legged furry friends! Your pets are sure to find their groove on the warm floor especially in the cold winter months when they are unable to pop an extra layer on like us! No animal enjoys cold paws on a winter’s morning and sadly dog slippers are yet to be invented. They will repay you with a lifetime of love and affection!11875240_10153508546334318_4482084200781924217_o

Do as the Romans Do – A History of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is viewed by many as a modern day invention, however, its systems were first installed in the UK in the 1960’s, but jump back 2000 years ago to the Roman period for when the concept of having warm floors to heat an area was first devised.  Unlike today where underfloor heating is an affordable and cost effective way to heat your home, only the wealthiest of people living in Roman villas would have been lucky enough to stay warm via this method of heating but the systems were also very popular in public buildings such as the famous Roman baths in the colder regions of the Roman Empire.

Romaine_Villa_hypocauste-radiant-floorAs more commonly used heating methods such as fireplaces were both inefficient and dangerous, as they carried the risk of fire and smoke inhalation, a new method was created. This was called a hypocaust which originates from the Ancient Greek meaning of heating from below and was the original technology for heating a room by using hot air. Pillars would be used to raise the floor from the ground before tiles and concrete would be added. A furnace would then be situated at the bottom of one corner of the room.  Hot air and steam created by the furnace would travel through the gaps in the floor in order to produce the hot air needed to warm the floor and walls with heat passing into the surrounding rooms.  The heat would then escape through a flue in the roof and walls which were often made with brick with two horizontal holes through them.  Unlike today, where you can operate your heating by using your smartphone, the furnace would have needed constant attention to feed fuel into the fire and remove the ashes.  This would have been done by a household worker which is why only the richest could afford such a labour intensive method of heating.  This system allowed safe and comfortable living and rooms requiring more heat would have been located closer to the furnace.

In comparison to the underfloor heating available today which are advanced, energy efficient and easy to operate, they latex floorhave evolved into two different types of system which are electric and water.  Both systems result in beaming heat rising from the floor level which is just the same as the Romans original principles.  Today underfloor heating is ranked as one of the most efficient methods of heating a property with its popularity soaring.  It can be found in places such as hotels, football dug outs and even in dog kennels! But we owe all of this luxury to the Romans.  So now instead of finding a suitable household worker to tend to your furnace, you can focus on enjoying the comfort of your new heating system with a cuppa. So when in Rome, do as the Romans do and install underfloor heating in your home today!

Find the right thermostat for you

Finding the correct thermostat for your new electric underfloor heating system can be tricky given the numerous models which are currently on the market. The factors for choosing your new thermostat will involve the functionality, affordability and how the style will look matched to your home furnishings. The Underfloor Heating Store will have no qualms in ensuring that you find one that meets all these factors given the numerous options they have on sale.

Firstly is our personal favourite, the all new Pro IQ system, which is the newest thermostat on offer made by Prowarm which was launched in 2014. There are 5 available colours to perfectly suit all customers home décor with more ready to launch in late 2015. The days of wishing you had pre-set your heating to kick in for your arrival home from your long commute or being filled with post-break blues after a scorching summer holiday knowing you will be arriving back to a chilly home are over as you are able to control this thermostat using your tablet or smart phone from any location. This is a must for any busy person on the go who hasn’t got time to engage with time clocks and thermostats. Possibly the most swish choice on offer you are able to create a fully controllable network system for your home heating. Prices range from as little as £69.99 making this an affordable option whilst providing top of the range features and a polished design.

Perfect for: people on the move, families and young professionals

iQ FB graphic

Similar to the Pro IQ system is Warmup’s offering of thermostat. The 3IE and most recently introduced is the 4IE. Like the Pro IQ this system also comes in a variety of colours such from Piano Black to a more vibrant Leaf Green. This range of thermostat is innovative, interactive and intelligent all combined into a discreet sized thermostat. The 3IE adjusts to the ever changing conditions of your home, room and seasons to ensure maximum energy efficiency which has been proven to save up to 10% on your home heating bill. This thermostat comes with a full colour touch screen and graphical programme display making any adjustments and general user-face as easy as possible. The 3IE was the first thermostat able to provide a real-time graphical display showing how much energy you are using and when. Launched in early 2015 was the arrival of the 4IE which allows you to control your heating from your smart phone and tablet in the way the Pro IQ allows you to. The built in Wi-Fi learns how you use your heating and the way your home uniquely reacts to this before making suggestions on ways to save energy. It also includes WarmApps a feature which gives you access to the latest traffic alerts and transport delays. For ultimate personalisation you can also upload an image to be used as the thermostats background. Prices begin at £99.99 for 3IE’s with 4IE’s beginning at £159.99.

Perfect for: gadget lovers, people with a higher budget and busy professionals and families




Taking thermostats back to basics is the affordable ProWarm Digital which is an ever-growing best seller which is available in white or silver. At only £59.99 or an extra 9.99 as an upgrade to any ProWarm electric kit this thermostat is powerful with a sleek design which will fit nicely into any home. This thermostat gives you the option to switch between three different sensing modes (air, floor or air and floor) with an automatic blue back-light. You can easily toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit to suit your preference. This straight-to-the-point thermostats enables the simplest user-face allowing you to increase or decrease the temperature fuss free. The lifetime warranty makes this thermostat one of the most attractive on sale.

Perfect for: everyone who wants a fuss-free user interface

pro digital with screen colour
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