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Top 5 Benefits of Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is a modern way of heating the home and is popular with homeowners and businesses alike, particularly in the Tourism trade.  It acts as a smart alternative to traditional systems.  You can learn more about the technical side of electric underfloor heating here. Below are the things we love the most about our electric underfloor heating…

SPACE:   Electric underfloor heating is essentially turning the floor into a radiator which eliminates the need forshutterstock_59589844 probably the ugliest part of a room freeing up the wall and floor space so that you can place your furniture wherever you like. This will make the area seem a lot larger which is a potential buyers dream.

TEMPERATURES:    As electric underfloor heating is installed and spread out beneath the floor, where heat will rise, it means it does not need to be run at high temperatures like a radiator system and will provide an even, comfortable surface temperature.  Radiators are normally installed in a corner and would need to be run at high temperatures in order to feel the benefit.

HEALTH:         Many people are unaware that electric underfloor heating can provide many health benefits for those with severe allergies. As the system runs at much lower temperatures and is evenly distributed across the room it will circulate cleaner air which reduces the likelihood of allergies caused by dust and will reduce dampness and eliminate cold spots and draughts which will provide relaxed living for all the family.

COSTS:   Underfloor heating is viewed by many as an item of luxury but not miQ-Orangeany people know that it is very affordable.  The system itself is run at lower temperatures and uses less energy when compared to a traditional system so is guaranteed to be cheaper to run. Electric underfloor heating is also very easy to install and can be done yourself if you are relatively happy with your DIY skills, whatsmore is that once the system has been successfully wired up by an electrician is that virtually no maintenance will be required!

VERSATILE:   Electric underfloor heating will fit perfectly in any type of room.  It is available in either a mat form, best for large open spaces, or a cable form which is best for smaller, awkwardly shaped rooms. It can practically be installed under any type of floor covering from carpet, tiles, stone and wood.  As it is out of sight and out of mind it won’t clash with any of your décor which gives you the freedom to do whatever you like with your interior design. With plenty of thermostat options available in a variety of colours including the Pro IQ in Summer Orange or a 3IE in Leaf Green means there is something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Like what you see and interested to find out more? Head HERE to fill out an enquiry form and one of our technical advisers will be in touch to lend a helping hand… 

Water Underfloor Heating

When it comes to choosing a heating system, water underfloor heating is a popular choice. Similar to its sister product, electric underfloor heating, it can be installed under a wide range of floor coverings such as stone, tiles or wood.  Water underfloor heating is a smart alternative to more traditional heating systems, such as radiators, as it is installed beneath the floor. This offers more space in the home and makes the floor warm which is perfect for winter mornings across the entire house!

Water underfloor4portwithtouchscreenr heating is a series of pipes connected to the boiler which circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the area. This works by connecting pipes which are laid beneath the floor to a manifold, which is fundamentally a central system used to connect the pipes together and then to the heating system. It will then be connected to a thermostat so that you are in control of the temperature.

The floor will need to be prepared and insulated suitably in order for the system to run effectively and efficiently. The floor may need to be elevated as there needs to be adequate space to accommodate this and the piping. For this reason, water underfloor heating is best suited to new builds as it is not always possible to do so in existing builds as the heating may escape downwards due to insufficient insulation.

In comparison to electric underfloor heating, water is generally more expensive however it will save you money in the long run as the systems are more energy efficient which makes them cheaper to run. They allow the boiler to work at lower temperatures as the heat is evenly distributed.  Water underfloor heating is guaranteed to last offering you total peace of mind.

Before purchasing this type of system we recommend any DIY newcomers to contact us for advice. Our qualified plumbers and electricians are on hand six days a week to provide guidance on the best system for your room size and shape along with any technical install queries you may have.shutterstock_1778287

To make your selection easier we have sorted our water underfloor heating into Bronze, Silver and Gold to suit everyone’s different needs and budget.  Our Bronze range is perfect for when you want to upgrade a small area whereas our Gold range is best for larger spaces that require the best in performance. The Silver range is by far the best value for money as it comes with a 50 year pipe warranty, multiple thermostat upgrades just like the gold range. Take a further look today online or call us on 01268 567016 for advice.