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Which buildings are suitable for underfloor heating?

Which buildings are suitable for underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its energy efficiency, increased thermal comfort and reduced costs.

An underfloor heating system can be used as an alternative heating source to a traditional radiator set-up in most types of building. The suitability will depend, however, on certain factors. Before going ahead with an underfloor heating installation, property owners must think about things like heat loss, possibly due to poor insulation levels or necessity for increased ventilation, and whether there are permanent fixtures which may cause issues during the fitting process.

Electric underfloor heating mats can be used in most building types, especially those with high levels of insulation and those which are regularly occupied. They can also be used along with other types of heating if necessary, and offer a number of benefits.

Residential buildings will enjoy increased thermal comfort, while energy bills are lowered considerably. Nurseries, schools and playgroups will all benefit from underfloor heating, with increased freedom of interior design, and no risk of children hurting themselves on scalding radiators or sharp protruding edges.

Changing rooms in any type of building can also benefit from this type of heating as bacterial growth on flooring will be reduced. A warm floor will also be appreciated by barefoot gym patrons as they start or finish their workouts, especially in the winter. The removal of conventional radiators will also provide more room for lockers.

Most buildings can benefit from underfloor heating, and a professional installation company can explain exactly how. At The Underfloor Heating Store we stock a range of underfloor heating systems.