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Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is an affordable energy-efficient solution that provides an even spread of warmth across your home or business.

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What is electric underfloor heating?

Not all heating systems are created equal. Electric underfloor heating is an ideal energy-efficient solution that provides an even spread of warmth across your home or business throughout the cold season. With benefits such as aesthetics, comfort and safety and an easy-to-control system, electric underfloor heating provides a simple-to-install solution that requires no additional major renovation.

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What is underfloor heating
What is underfloor heating

How does electric underfloor heating work?

Electric underfloor heating works by having an ultra-thin heating wire under your floor covering which using mains electric, generates heat. The heat radiates up through the floorboards, warming both the floor and the room above to the desired temperature set on the thermostat.

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Benefits of Electric Underfloor Heating

Cheapest Underfloor Heating
Cheapest Underfloor Heating

When compared to water systems, electric is by far the cheapest underfloor system

Quick and easy to install
Quick & easy to install

These systems can be installed in minimal time, sometimes as quick as 30 minutes

Low as 2mm thick
Low as 2mm thickness

The system can be installed under your floor without significantly increasing floor level height

Fast heat up time
Fast heat-up time

Electric underfloor heating typically heats up quicker than alternatives

Electric cable quality

Our electric underfloor heating mats feature high-quality 2mm ultra-thin cables, allowing for a minimal increase in floor height whilst being efficient and effective enough to heat up your room. Created with both quality and safety in mind, the cables feature Advanced Fluoropolymer Insulation (FEP) known as Teflon, multi-strand twin conductors and an armoured Earth braid.

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Frequently Asked

Electric underfloor heating is worth the money and time. Heating up a room quite nicely, electric underfloor heating systems can generate enough heat to easily create a comfortable living environment. Higher wattage/output heating kits are also capable as a primary source of heat in a home or business.

Electric underfloor heating systems are a long-lasting method of heating a home or business and can last decades before any replacement is needed. Many of these systems also come with a lifetime warranty, protecting against any issues that may arise in the future.

Electric underfloor heating can go under tiles, with tiles being the number one floor type to install underfloor heating under. Tiles are known to heat up fast and work well to retain heat, ensuring the underfloor system will be effective and efficient for warming up a home or business.

Electric underfloor heating is as good as radiators, and in many instances, even better. Electric underfloor heating offers many advantages over the classic radiator, such as providing even heat throughout a room - removing cold spots and draughts, improving hygiene by removing the need to install a traditional radiator - known to circulate dust and dirt throughout the air and overall it is a more energy-efficient way of heating particularly when paired with a heat pump.

Electric underfloor heating is not expensive to run and can be seen to be a more energy-efficient method of heating a home. Studies have shown that the yearly cost to run electric underfloor heating in a bathroom is less than the yearly cost for running common household appliances such as a washing machine, fridge or even the kettle!

The most efficient way to run an electric underfloor heating system is to leave it on constantly at a low temperature, usually around 17 degrees room temperature, and bump it up to 20 degrees for a couple of hours in the morning or night when activity is peak within the home. This is because it often will take a while for the underfloor heating system to heat up to maximum efficiency and so keeping it on in the background at a lower temperature will allow the mat to warm up much quicker from 17 degrees to 20 degrees than it would if the mat had to go from 0 degrees to 20 degrees.