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Can't get an electrician?

Don't let it hold up your installation

Due to COVID-19 we understand you may not be able to get an electrician to sign off your electric underfloor heating system. Not a problem, why not buy a Prowarm Testing Kit from us for only £15.99 so you can get most of the testing done yourself.

Once an electrician becomes available, the final testing can be completed and your system can be connected to the supply.

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  1. ProWarm™ Electric underfloor heating 150w mat kit

    As low as: £74.98

    • Lifetime warranty
    • Best seller

    150w/m2 underfloor heating sticky mats are suitable as a primary heating source providing you have adequate insulation.

    These are our most commonly used mats for kitchens, dining rooms, large bathrooms and most other areas with tiled floors

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  2. DEVI Underfloor Heating Mat 150w

    As low as: £52.98

    Devimat™ is one of the best known and well respected brands of underfloor heating. The underfloor heating mat is an amazingly thin 3mm, this means that tiles can be laid directly over the heating mats - this means a minimum height increase.

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2 Items