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You can find all of our thermostat instructions on our knowledge page: Installation videos & manuals

If you are fitting electric underfloor heating in a bathroom or wetroom the thermostat should be mounted outside the room, this can be mounted at light switch height for accessibility or low level at socket height (or even in a cupboard), as it will be operating using the floor sensor only, not room temp. If you are fitting underfloor heating in your living room and it is going to be used as the primary heating source, it is important to mount your thermostat 1.2m to 1.4m from the ground so that it can pick up an ambient temperature of the room and control the heating effectively and efficiently.

You will need a 35mm deep single gang back box for all of our electric underfloor heating thermostats. This will either be a metal back box if chasing into brickwork, or a plasterboard box for fitting into plasterboard/drywall. You may even use a surface mounted box for cupboard locations.

This is usually determined by the type of room and the location of the thermostat. With underfloor heating in a bathroom, the thermostat should be mounted outside the room whilst the floor sensor and heating kit installed in the bathroom flooring. In this scenario the thermostat should be set to Floor only mode as the air temperature outside the room is irrelevant in this case. If the underfloor heating is being used as a primary heat source and the thermostat is mounted in the room, the thermostat should be set to Air and Floor mode. This means that the thermostat operates using room temperature to control the rooms ambient temperature but has a maximum floor limit (typically set to 28degs C)

Yes all electric underfloor heating thermostats come complete with a floor sensor. The floor sensor is unique to the thermostat. Some floor probes are interchangeable with other devices, but please check with the manufacturer first. Prowarm Thermostats for example use a floor probe which measures 10kOhms at 25degC. 10kOhm NTC sensor. Warmup also uses this type of sensor, so Warmup and Prowarm thermostats can be used with each others floor probes.

If you are unsure what code you have typed in, use the Master reset code 6343 to unlock it. To do this; Press Tick, use the arrow keys to set 63, Press tick, use the arrow keys to set 43 followed by a final tick, and the device will now be unlocked.

Please follow our step by step instruction guide for connecting your thermostat to your app, please note there are a few different steps for iphones and androids. You will find these on our manuals page: Videos & manuals

The Protouch WIFI has a flashing WIFI symbol when in pairing mode. It will turn solid when the thermostat is successfully connected. If the symbol has disappeared following a failed connection process, to put the unit back into pairing mode you need to press and Hold the UP and DOWN arrow keys together for 3 seconds and it should start Flashing again. F1 or F2 mode will appear, F1 is flashing fast and F2 is flashing slow depending on which device and App you have will determine which mode it needs to be in. Repeat Holding the UP and DOWN arrows for 3 seconds to switch between the two modes.

The E2 error code on the Prowarm WIFI thermostat means that the floor sensor is either not connected, has been damaged or there is a fault with the thermostat or floor sensor. This should be tested and checked by your installing electrician. The electrician can test floor sensor with it disconnected from the thermostat. For a cold floor you should expect around 12-15kohms. If the floor sensor is ok, it may have been a loose connection or a faulty thermostat.

You need to access the menu and change the default floor temperature to Room Temp. When the unit is turned on in normal power mode, press the 'o' button once

  • Use the Up or Down keys to select SETUP
  • Press 'o' to enter setup menu
  • Press 'o' several times to change the menu number to 5
  • Press the UP or DOWN arrows to change the sensor to 00 Room Sensor
  • Press the Return arrow to go back to the main screen
  • You should now see Room temp

You will find this on our manuals page: Videos & manuals

Heatmiser Neostats can be changed to Manual mode by accessing the setup menu. To do this you will need to enter setup and change feature 12 to 00. To do this follow pages 25 and 26 in the instruction manual found here: Go to manuals

No. Electric underfloor heating systems cannot be directly controlled via Nest or Hive thermostats, as these thermostats do not have the ability to measure the floor temperature. This is important when running electric underfloor heating systems to ensure the floor does not overheat.