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How to measure up

How to measure up underfloor heating

We have tips for specific rooms and installation videos giving you detailed step-by-step guidance for essential measuring. Our technical staff are fully qualified electricians and plumbers and can offer expert advice on any additional issues you may have.

Tips Scematic Lounge


Things to consider for Electric Underfloor Heating

If fitting a finished floor over the whole room area you must install the insulation boards over the whole area as well. Our Board Calculator will help you work out how many boards you’ll need.

When installing a mat or cable system do not fit under fixed or flat bottomed furniture items, our Room Calculator will work out the total heated floor area for you. To be a primary heat source the system needs to cover 80 - 90% of the whole floor area.

Things to consider for Water Underfloor Heating

Do not fit the pipe work under fixed of flat bottomed furniture items. If using an Overlay system you can cover the whole floor area but ensure not to run any pipes under any fixed of flat bottomed furniture items.

For multiple room areas, please contact our technical advisors, as multiple areas need to be designed due to the relevant boiler / manifold location.

Tips Schematic Kitchen


As above except on small or irregular shaped floors a loose cable system is more suitable and easier to fit than a mat system. We would recommend installing a cable system of 200w per m2.

Tips Schematic Bathroom


Follow same principle as kitchen layout m2.