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Warmup DCM-PRO Cable

Warmup DCM-PRO Cable


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Rated as High Performance, DCM-PRO is proven to protect tiled floors from cracking as tested by ANSI 118.12:5.4 (American National Standards Institute). To be used in conjunction with DCM-PRO Mat.

The innovative new system from Warmup allows for quick and easy installation of electric underfloor heating saving both time and cost. The system suits all floor types and protects the floor finish from seasonal changes that may cause cracks in the floor finish.

The patent pending self-adhesive backing of DCM-PRO attaches directly to the subfloor meaning that no additional adhesive is needed, significantly reducing both time and costs.

The self-healing decoupling layer protects floor finish from damage. The layer contracts and expands to deal with seasonal changes in subfloors preventing damage from occurring to floor coverings due to the gaps and cracks in the subfloor.

European compliant and CE marked.

Please note that the following kit sizes: 3.5m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m will comprise of two separate cables. Both of which can be connected to the thermostat, please contact technical support for any queries.

Operating Voltage220-240v - 50Hz
IP RatingIPX7
Thickness4.5mm (± 0.2mm)
Output Rating150w/m2 (3 Castellations - 90mm)
Inner InsulationAdvanced Fluoropolymer (ETFE)
Min. Insulation Temp5°C
Connection3m Long "Coldtail" Connection

DCM-Pro cable power and load reference

DCM-Pro CableReference Resistance Bands (Ω)
Product CodeHeated area (m2)Power (W)Load (A)Resistance (Ω)
DCM-C-111500.6352.7335.0 - 370.3
DCM-C-1.51.52250.9235.1223.3 - 246.9
DCM-C-223001.3176.3167.5 - 185.1
DCM-C-2.52.53751.6141.1134.1 - 148.2
DCM-C-334501.9117.6111.7 - 123.5
DCM-C-3.53.55252.2100.895.8 - 105.8
DCM-C-446002.588.283.8 - 92.6
DCM-C-4.54.56752.878.474.5 - 82.3
DCM-C-557503.270.567.0 - 74.0
DCM-C-669003.858.855.9 - 61.7
DCM-C-7710504.450.448.0 - 52.9
DCM-C-8812005.044.142.0 - 46.3
DCM-C-9913505.739.237.2 - 41.2
DCM-C-101015006.335.333.5 - 37.1
DCM-C-121218007.629.427.9 - 30.9
DCM-C-141421008.825.223.9 - 26.5
DCM-C-1616240010.122.020.9 - 23.1
NameProduct CodePrice
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 150W - 1 Sqm Coverage1796£64.99
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 225W - 1.5 Sqm Coverage1799£104.99
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 300W - 2 Sqm Coverage1801£118.00
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 375W - 2.5 Sqm Coverage1802£130.99
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 450W - 3 Sqm Coverage1803£152.99
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 525W - 3.5 Sqm Coverage1804£175.00
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 600W - 4 Sqm Coverage1805£196.00
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 675W - 4.5 Sqm Coverage1806£223.00
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 750W - 5 Sqm Coverage1807£250.00
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 900W - 6 Sqm Coverage1808£277.00
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 1050W - 7 Sqm Coverage1792£310.00
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 1200W - 8 Sqm Coverage1793£337.00
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 1350W - 9 Sqm Coverage1794£364.00
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 1500W - 10 Sqm Coverage1795£395.99
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 1800W - 12 Sqm Coverage1797£460.99
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 2100W - 14 Sqm Coverage1798£526.00
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable - 2400W - 16 Sqm Coverage1800£590.99

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