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Why the popularity of underfloor heating is increasing

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Why the popularity of underfloor heating is increasing

Underfloor heating has grown massively in popularity over the last few years, with people becoming more aware of the benefits it offers. Consumers are also more aware of how simple it can be to carry out an underfloor heating installation. Advancements in technology now mean that it can be installed under just about any type of floor covering, making it suitable for most rooms in most homes.

Although underfloor heating has been popular throughout Europe for some time, it is becoming more of a common sight in UK homes as well. With electric or water underfloor heating, you can expect a discreet system which provides greater freedom for interior design and economy and comfort as standard. Designers and builders are also embracing the benefits as they are expected to comply with new regulations to make properties energy efficient. Consumers want to save money and as energy bills continue to increase, underfloor heating becomes an attractive prospect.

Global warming has become an issue all around the world, with many countries being committed to using the most energy efficient methods. As technology continues to advance and legislation is regularly revised, there is the likelihood that underfloor heating will continue to increase in popularity for the long-term future.

As equipment does develop, underfloor heating becomes even more affordable for all. Although the costs of installing underfloor heating are similar to those associated with traditional radiator systems, the cost of running underfloor heating is much lower, with energy consumption reduced by around 30 per cent. At The Underfloor Heating Store we stock a range of underfloor heating systems