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Water Underfloor Heating

Water Underfloor Heating

Water underfloor heating is one of the most energy efficient solutions available. Opting for wet underfloor heating provides a cost-effective way to heat your home evenly.

Water Underfloor Heating Types

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What is water underfloor heating?

What is water underfloor heating?

Heating a home or business can be a daunting task, but with water underfloor heating, those fears can be eased. With the latest technology and an even spread of heat across your property, wet underfloor heating has never been more efficient. With benefits such as aesthetics, comfort, safety and an easy-to-control system, a water solution is the ultimate avenue to warming your home.

How does water underfloor heating work?

How does water underfloor heating work?

Water underfloor heating works by distributing warm water flowing through an array of connected pipes that are installed beneath the floor. Connected to a thermostat, the desired temperature can be selected and the water will warm up accordingly. The heat from the pipes then radiates up through the floor covering, warming both the floor and the room above to the selected temperature.

Benefits of Water Underfloor Heating
Cost-effective Water Underfloor Heating
Cost-effective heating

When compared to other heating types, water underfloor heating is a cost-effective heating system

Durable & reliable water underfloor heating
Durable & reliable

These systems are life-long, ensuring longevity for many years to come

Energy Efficient Water Underfloor Heating
Energy efficient

Water underfloor heating can have a lower, more energy-efficient temperature than radiators

Maximise Space with Water Underfloor Heating
Maximise space

Maximise your wall space, removing any need for radiators on the wall

Water pipe quality

Water pipe quality

Our water underfloor heating pipes are created for durability and flexibility within your system. With pipes designed for high temperature resistance and high reliability, you can rest assured that even under strong pressure, any high resistance will not affect your system. Created with both quality and safety in mind, the pipes are carefully designed with an inner layer of PE-RT, an intermediate layer of welded aluminium and a outer layer of PE-RT, all held together by two binding layers inbetween.

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Is water underfloor heating expensive to run?

Water underfloor heating systems are not as expensive to run and can be seen to be a more energy-efficient method of heating a home. When installed within a well-insulated home, water underfloor heating can be seen to be around 25% more efficient than radiators, bringing your overall price down.

Is water underfloor heating good?

Water underfloor heating systems are extremely energy efficient and work to warm a room much more effectively when comparing with radiators.

Which is cheaper to run electric or water underfloor heating?

Water underfloor heating systems provide lower long-term running costs when compared to electric systems and when using a more efficient heating source such as an air source heat pump, even more savings can be made.

How long does water underfloor heating take to warm up?

Water underfloor heating normally takes a few hours to warm up from cold. Using thermostats, you can both manually and automatically program your system to start warming up before you'd require your home to be at the best full working temperature for you.

Can water underfloor heating replace radiators?

Water underfloor heating can most definitely replace radiators and as a system, it is recommended that homeowners opt to remove radiators when installing water underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is extremely capable of heating a home entirely, as long as the home is built to modern standards.

Does water underfloor heating leak?

Water underfloor heating leaks are highly unlikely if installed correctly by a professional. The pipes within a system will only leak if a pipe is accidentally cut or becomes damaged during installation. The pipes used within these systems are durable, built to last for many years and hold up even under high pressure.

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