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Skirting Board Heating

Explore skirting board heating solutions that seamlessly blend comfort and style. Discover energy-efficient options to keep your space warm.
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Skirting board heating systems are a smart and energy-efficient way to heat your home. Whilst they look like regular skirting boards, they also work to heat your home, replacing the need for any radiators. This dual functionality saves you money on installation, frees up wall and floor space, makes your room look nice, and lowers your energy costs.

Skirting Board Heating Benefits
True radiant heat

Reduces air movement and drafts in your home

Energy efficient

All-round heat uses less energy for real warmth

Fast and responsive

No risk of under heating or over heating

Simple installation

Install with little disturbance to your home

Any floor finish

Suitable for carpet, laminate, timber or vinyl

Free up wall space

Create a more spacious, versatile environment

✅ Space Saving

Skirting board heating adds more practical living area by eliminating radiators from your walls & enhances overall appearance of your home. Without radiators on your walls, redecorating becomes easier. The solution also doesn't produce dust or discoloration, ensuring that your décor looks good for a longer time.

✅ Cost Saving

Merging skirting & radiators into one is a cost-effective heating solution. It comes pre-finished with a durable epoxy powder paint, featuring a removable 'top gasket' instead of caulking. This allows for a quick dry installation, eliminating curing time before laying floor coverings, thus requiring one tradesman for fitting.

Introducing ThermaSkirt

ThermaSkirt is the revolutionary skirting board heating solution proudly manufactured in the UK. Crafted with robust powder coated aluminium, and styled to look just like a traditional skirting profile, it can heat your room in minutes without ripping up your floors.

The award-winning company has received the Commercial HVAC Product of the Year Award at H&V News 2023 and Sustainable Product of the Year Award from the Greater Manchester Chamber 2023.

Skirting Profiles

Explore the different types of ThermaSkirt options available

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How does skirting board heating work?

Skirting board heating works by using an aluminum radiant panel cleverly designed to look like a regular skirting board. The built-in pipes circulate hot water, heating the panel and producing up to 180W of heat output per meter. It serves as an excellent alternative for individuals seeking enhanced thermal performance, comfort, and control without the presence of traditional radiators.

Does skirting board heating plumb into a standard system?

Similar to a radiator, skirting board heating connects to the main flow and return pipework in sizes of 10, 15, or 16mm. Hot water is supplied from a standard boiler or a heat pump system, circulating through the system just as it would with traditional radiators or underfloor heating.

Who can install skirting board heating?

Many people opt for self-installation by following the provided installation videos. However, for those who prefer professional guidance, there are a nationwide network of approved skirting board heating installers we can put you in contact with. Simply contact us and we'll match you with a skilled installer in your local area.

Is skirting board heating expensive?

ThermaSkirt skirting board heating is priced comparably to designer radiators or aluminum radiators. Moreover, in new construction projects, it removes the necessity for purchasing, installing, and painting standard skirting boards, reducing the overall cost.

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