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A guide to underfloor heating wattage

A guide to underfloor heating wattage

Electric underfloor heating ranked 4th on the list of key features found to be more attractive to potential home buyers. One reason for the huge interest in Underfloor Heating is that it is 40% more efficient than radiators for heating a home. In this guide we look at underfloor heating wattage, particularly, electric underfloor heating kw per M².

Underfloor heating wattage

Why is underfloor heating Wattage important? Units of power are measured in Watts, so the number of Watts needed to heat a room, or your whole home for example, is calculated as Wattage per square metre.

The ProWarm™ electric underfloor heating range comes in three different Wattages, namely: 100 Watt, 150 Watt and 200 Watt.

Uses for 100 Watt Electric Underfloor Heating

100-Watt electric underfloor heating mats are best suited for both

  • Primary heating in new builds
  • Secondary heating under tiles

Use 1: Primary heating

ProWarm 100W underfloor heating mats provide a very economical heating solution for large floor areas in a well-insulated home.

For new builds, the current building regulations only require between 35-45 Watts of heat energy per square metre to effectively heat the home. Our 100-Watt per square metre heating mat is an ideal choice for any room in a new build home.

Houses that are up to 20 years old, require a little more in terms of Wattage output, being around 45-60 Watts per square metre to heat each room. So, a 100-Watt heating mat is sufficient to give you all the power you need.

Use 2: Secondary heating

100-Watt electric heating mats are also perfect for installing under tiles and LVT flooring because these types of surfaces will heat up fast and retain the heat for longer. 100-Watt electric heating mats work well under timber floor surfaces too and are easier to install.

ProWarm™ Electric underfloor heating 100W sticky mat kit: ProWarm™ Electric underfloor heating 100W sticky mat kit:

How to use underfloor heating efficiently

Knowing how to use underfloor heating efficiently is key to saving you money on your heating costs. One example is to set your underfloor heating temperature to 16°C during OFF periods as this will enable the floor surface to heat up quicker, saving you money in the long term.

Use Insulation boards to improve energy efficiency

A small investment in ProWarm insulation boards will direct the heat upwards into the room, reducing heat loss into the subfloor. This will also result in the floor heating more quickly, which will reduce energy consumption and lower your energy bills. The ProWarm insulation range for ProWarm electric underfloor heating includes:

The ProWarm insulation range for ProWarm electric underfloor heating includes:

  • ProWarm Backer-Pro Tile Backer Board from £15.97 p/m². Suitable for under-tile floor coverings with a thickness from 6mm.
  • ProWarm XP-Pro Board from £11.10 p/m². Suitable for under tile and wood floor coverings with a thickness from 6mm.
  • ProWarm Profoam from £4.00 p/m². Suitable for wood or vinyl surfaces (incl. LVT) and carpet with a thickness of 6mm.

How much electricity does underfloor heating use?

This is a common question because knowing how much underfloor heating is used will help you compare the cost of heating your home against traditional heating systems. A 100-Watt UFH mat system will use around 75 Watts per m². So a room that is 12m² will use around 900 Watts per hour.

Electric underfloor heating kwh per m² running costs

There are 1000 Watts in a KiloWatt and for the purpose of measuring and costing, each KiloWatt is measured by an hour of usage. This unit of measurement is called a KiloWatt-hour or kWh.

Running costs for a 100-Watt per square metre heating mat


For a 2.5m² bathroom, costs are just £10.57 per month with a 100 Watt mat. A 1m² WC costs just £4.23 per month. These estimates are based on electricity costs for September 2022 at 29.24p per kWh.

For most standard room sizes, a 100-Watt mat is the ideal solution for all your underfloor heating requirements. They are relatively easy to install, especially in new-builds and much cheaper to run than radiators and a gas or electric boiler system. More information can be found at electric underfloor heating.

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