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Cable Coverage

Cable Coverage Guide

To assist in planning your project we have provided a Cable Coverage Guide. Simply find your room size from the coverage section below, based on your planned cable spacing, and get all the technical data for that particular size of kit.

Coverage Product

ProWarm™ Electric Underfloor Heating cable kits provide a reliable and effective underfloor heating system that can work with tiles and many other floor coverings (installation methods differ, please call us for advice).

ProWarm™ Underfloor Heating kits contain everything you need to install them - all packed and supplied in one box complete with full colour instructions.

Full Technical Support is provided free of charge by our team of Fully Qualifed Electricians and for total peace of mind each system comes with the amazing CableSafe™ Guarantee - cut through your heating cable during installation and ProWarm™ will replace your cable free of charge.

Coverage Wire 50mm
Coverage Wire 60mm
Coverage Wire 65mm
Coverage Wire 75mm
Coverage Wire 100mm
Coverage m2Drum Sizes2
5cm spacing26cm spacing6.5cm spacing7.5cm spacing10cm spacingPowerCable LengthDrum 1Drum 2
0.6m 20.7m 20.75m 20.9m 2 1.15m 2115w11.5m11.5m-
0.7m 20.8m 20.9m 21.1m 2 1.4m 2140w14m14m-
0.8m 21m 21.1m 21.3m 2 1.7m 2170w17m17m-
1.1m 21.4m 21.5m 21.7m 2 2.25m 2225w22.5m22.5m-
1.75m 22.1m 22.3m 22.7m 2 3.5m 2350w35m235m2-
2m 22.4m 22.7m 23.1m 2 4m 2400w40m240m2-
2.4m 22.9m 23.2m 23.7m 2 4.8m 2480w48m248m2-
2.8m 23.4m 23.7m 24.3m 2 5.6m 2560w56m256m2-
3.2m 23.9m 24.2m 25m 26.4m 2640w64m264m2-
3.5m 24.3m 24.6m 25.4m 27m 2700w70m270m2-
3.8m 24.6m 25m 25.8m 27.6m 2760w76m276m2-
3.8m 24.6m 25m 25.8m 27.6m 2760w76m276m2-
4.1m 24.9m 25.4m 26.3m 28.2m 2820w82m282m2-
4.6m 25.6m 26m 26.9m 29.2m 2920w92m292m2-
5.2m 26.3m 26.9m 28m 210.4m 21040w104m2104m2-
5.7m 26.9m 27.6m 28.8m 211.4m 21140w114m2114m2-
6.2m 27.6m 28.3m 29.6m 212.5m 21250w125m2125m2-
7.2m 28.8m 29.6m 211.2m 214.5m 21450w145m2145m2-
7.2m 28.8m 29.6m 211.2m 214.5m 21450w145m2145m2-
8m 29.7m 210.6m 212.3m 216m 21160w160m2160m2-
9m 210.9m 212m 213.8m 218m 21800w180m2180m2-
10.4m 212.6m 214m 216m 220.8m 22080w208m2104m2104m
11.4m 213.9m 215.2m 217.6m 222.8m 22280w228m2114m2114m
12.5m 215.2m 216.7m 219.3m 225m 22500w250m2125m2125m
13.5m 216.4m 218m 220.8m 227m 22700w270m2145m2125m
14.5m 217.5m 219m 222.3m 229m 22900w290m2145m2145m
15.3m 218.2m 220m 223.1m 230.5m 23050w305m2160m2145m
16m 219.5m 221.3m 224.5m 232m 23200w320m2160m2160m
17.3m 220m 223m 225.4m 234.5m 23400w345m2180m2160m
18m 221.8m 224m 227.7m 236m 23600w360m2180m2180m
Cablesafe Guarantee

Our CableSafe™ installation guarantee is simple...

"...damage your underfloor heating cable or mat during the installation process and ProWarm™ will replace it free of charge.* Giving you total peace of mind!"