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Water Underfloor heating under concrete screed floors

Water Underfloor heating under concrete/screed floors

We have 3 different solutions for installing water underfloor heating pipes under a concrete/screeded floor

This type of system installation is the most popular and cost effective type on the market today, the pipes are incased in screed or concrete meaning that the whole floor warms up like one huge storage radiator. This system is normally for new build houses or extensions/conservatories


Clipped direct with staples

A foiled faced insulation board like kingspan or Celotex is layed onto the concrete sub floor first.
Then the pipe work is clipped directly to it, once the pipework has been tested it is then covered with either a sand and cement screed or a pumped anhydrite screed.
NB. Please check with building control for the thickness of insulation into new build properties.
Clip rail

Clip rail system

Our clip rail system is ideal for installations where it is not possible to clip direct to the insulation below (usually due to floor height restrictions on insulation thickness), the rails are self-adhesive and are supplied in 1 meter lengths, and these can be adhered straight to the subfloor.
The pipes are then clipped into the rails at your required distances apart and the screed can be installed as normal.
NB. If it is not possible to fit in the thicker style foiled faced insulation boards it may still be possible to use our insulated ProWarm™ tile backer boards as these are only 6mm thick, these can be stuck to your concrete sub base with flexible tile adhesive and the clip rail can be adhered directly to them, the screed can then be installed as normal.
Clip Rail

Plastic egg Crate system

This system is a more old fashioned style of installing underfloor heating, the pipes are clipped into an egg crate style plastic tray, which is then covered with the screed as normal.
The disadvantage to this system is that it has no insulation beneath it and that is more expensive than the clipped direct style system.