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Floorwarmers Wood Underfloor Heating Kit

Floorwarmers Wood Underfloor Heating Kit


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The Floorwarmers electric underwood heating mat kit provides solutions for all engineered wood and laminate floor coverings* and is popular with the trade due to its reliability and ease of installation. Offering a 25 year lifetime guarantee and a great choice of thermostats, this electric underfloor heating system is an affordable solution which offers great value for money without compromising quality.

This mat must be used with an XPS insulation board to prevent damage to the heating element. For best results, we recommend a 10mm thick board.

The heat output of this system is 140w/m2 and is suitable as a primary source of heat in adequately insulated rooms.

Please note the Floorwarmers electric underfloor heating mats can be cut to shape, however they cannot be cut to a smaller size. For this reason, we recommend ordering a mat to cover 90% off your free floor space (after deducting any fixed units or furniture which sits flat to the floor). Kits larger than 12m2 will be made up of two heating mats.

*Please check your floor finish is compatible with electric underfloor heating with the flooring manufacturer before purchase

Please Note: The following is intended as a guide only. Always refer to the full installation manual for instructions.

1. Divide the floor into a series of rectangles (excluding any fixed units or furniture that sits flat to the floor). Calculate the area of each rectangle and add these together for the total free floor space to be heated. We recommend covering 90% of this area with electric underfloor heating mat.

2. Lay XPS insulation boards down onto the subfloor and tape all joints.

3. Starting as close to the thermostat as possible, lay the first run of matting. At the end of the run, cut the mat leaving the cable intact, turn the mat through 90° or 180° and continue laying. When the area is covered, adjust the mat until the loops are equal distance apart. Now attach the mat to the subfloor using the special tape supplied.

4. You will need to install an RCD fused spur which powers the thermostatic controller/programmer and the mat system. Lay the temperature probe from the timer-thermostat onto the floor, equidistant between two of the cable loops, and attach it to the floor surface. Now take the unheated power supply cable from the end of the mat system, which should be positioned near the thermostat. Once all the connections have been made to the power supply, run the heater(s) to ensure they are heating up (no more than 10 minutes).

Cable type: Twin wire cable 140w/m2, Cable thickness: 3mm, Mat width: 500mm, Warranty: 25 year manufacturer warranty, Tested: 100% earth screened, Cold tail length: 2m UKCA & CE APPROVED

NameProduct CodePrice
Floorwarmers Wood - 1.0m22291£55.00
Floorwarmers Wood - 1.5m22292£70.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 2.0m22303£89.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 2.5m22304£100.00
Floorwarmers Wood - 3.0m22310£107.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 3.5m22311£118.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 4.0m22312£128.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 4.5m22313£142.00
Floorwarmers Wood - 5.0m22314£157.00
Floorwarmers Wood - 6.0m22315£187.00
Floorwarmers Wood - 7.0m22316£215.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 8.0m22317£232.00
Floorwarmers Wood - 9.0m22318£250.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 10.0m22293£271.00
Floorwarmers Wood - 11.0m22294£298.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 12.0m22295£317.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 13.0m22296£335.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 14.0m22297£353.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 15.0m22298£373.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 16.0m22299£391.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 17.0m22300£410.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 18.0m22301£428.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 19.0m22302£448.00
Floorwarmers Wood - 20.0m22305£466.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 21.0m22306£484.99
Floorwarmers Wood - 22.0m22307£523.00
Floorwarmers Wood - 23.0m22308£541.00
Floorwarmers Wood - 24.0m22309£559.99

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