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How To Measure Up Underfloor Heating

Measuring up for underfloor heating is a critical step to ensure that your system is properly sized and will provide effective and efficient heating for your space. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you accurately measure up for underfloor heating:

  1. Determine the Area: Begin by measuring the total floor area of the room where you intend to install the underfloor heating. Measure the length and width of the room in meters and then multiply these two measurements to get the total square meters.
  2. Consider Zones: If you're planning to install underfloor heating in different zones or rooms, calculate the area for each zone separately. This allows you to tailor the heating system to the specific needs of each space.
  3. Subtract Obstacles: Subtract any areas where fixed furniture, cabinetry, or other permanent fixtures are located. These areas don't require heating elements, so excluding them from your calculations will help you avoid overestimating the amount of underfloor heating material you need.
  4. Select Heating System: Depending on the type of underfloor heating you're using (electric or water), the heating elements are installed differently. Electric heating cables or mats are spread out across the floor, while water systems involve laying pipes. Consult the manufacturer's guidelines to determine the coverage per unit of the heating element.
  5. Spacing Considerations: Electric underfloor heating cables or mats have recommended spacing guidelines for optimal heat distribution. Measure the spacing between rows accurately to ensure even heating coverage.
  6. Account for Insulation: If your underfloor heating system requires insulation boards, measure the area and thickness of insulation required. Insulation helps direct heat upward and prevents heat loss to the subfloor.
  7. Thermostat Placement: Plan the placement of thermostats for optimal temperature control. Make sure they're positioned in accessible locations and not obstructed by furniture or drapes.
  8. Consult Manufacturer Guidelines: Each underfloor heating manufacturer provides guidelines and calculations for their specific products. Refer to these guidelines to ensure accurate measurements and proper installation.
  9. Use Online Calculators: Many manufacturers and retailers, such as The Underfloor Heating Store offer online calculators to help you determine the right amount of underfloor heating material based on your measurements, spacing, and other variables.
  10. Professional Consultation: For more complex installations or larger projects, consider consulting with a professional underfloor heating installer. They can offer expertise and ensure that the system is sized correctly for optimal performance.

Remember, accurate measurements are crucial to ensuring that your underfloor heating system functions efficiently and provides the desired comfort level. Taking the time to measure up properly will help you avoid wastage and potential heating inconsistencies in the future.

Things to consider...

Ensure underfloor heating success with our carefully-curated top tips!

Electric Underfloor Heating

  • If fitting a finished floor over the whole room area you must install the insulation boards over the whole area as well. Our board calculator will help you work out how many boards you’ll need.
  • When installing a mat or cable system do not fit under fixed or flat bottomed furniture items, our room calculator will work out the total heated floor area for you. To be a primary heat source the system needs to cover 80 - 90% of the whole floor area.

Water Underfloor Heating

  • Do not fit the pipe work under fixed of flat bottomed furniture items. If using an Overlay system you can cover the whole floor area but ensure not to run any pipes under any fixed of flat bottomed furniture items.
  • For multi room areas, please contact our technical advisors, as multiple area underfloor heating projects need to be specifically designed to match up the relevant boiler / manifold location.
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