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Warmup Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit 200W

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Warmup Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit 200W
From £63.99
Now £63.99
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Introducing the Warmup Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit 200W. The Warmup Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit 200W is the ideal solution for installations within regularly shaped areas, where the 0.5m wide mats can be quickly rolled out across the floor in parallel runs. Whether you are planning to use vinyl, carpet, timber, tiles, or any other underfloor heating-compatible floor finish, the StickyMat System provides exceptional performance and convenience.

If you require a flat and level floor surface to lay over, the StickyMat System can be embedded within a self-levelling compound. This ensures a seamless and even finish, especially when using carpet or other delicate floor coverings. Alternatively, the Foil Heater System offers a completely dry construction and eliminates the need for a leveling compound, unless it is to be used underneath a tiled floor finish. For irregularly shaped areas or spaces with multiple permanent fixtures, such as bathrooms, the Warmup Loose Wire System is the more suitable solution.

Compatible With All Floor Coverings

The StickyMat system is compatible with all types of floor coverings suitable for underfloor heating, including laminate flooring, vinyl, carpet, tiles, and more. Its versatility and the fact that it does not significantly raise the floor height make it an excellent choice for refurbishment projects. However, it is always important to double-check with your flooring supplier to ensure compatibility with the StickyMat System.

How does StickyMat work?

The 200W/m2 variant is ideal for use as a primary heat source in well-insulated areas, as the insulation boards retain heat in the room for longer and prevent downward heat loss. It can be installed on both timber and concrete subfloors.

The 200W/m2 variant is best suited for rooms or areas with high heat loss, such as conservatories. It is recommended to carry out a heat-loss calculation to assess the heating requirements of the room, especially if using the underfloor heating system as a primary heat source under tiles in a high heat-loss area.

Fast Installation

The StickyMat System consists of a thin 1.8mm wire evenly spaced and taped to a glass fibre mesh with a pressure sensitive adhesive. This adhesive securely binds the mats to the floor, keeping them flat and ensuring snag-free application of tile adhesive. The mats can be easily repositioned when necessary, providing flexibility during installation.

With the StickyMat System, installation time is reduced by 35% as the mats can be rolled out quickly across the floors. The ultra-thin heating cable is double insulated with an advanced fluoropolymer core, making it incredibly durable, tough, and easy to lay flooring over.

During the installation of the StickyMat System, flexible tile adhesive and self-leveling compound may be required. Instarmac UltraTile flexible tile adhesives and leveling compounds are highly recommended for their quality and performance. Rest assured, the StickyMat System is BEAB Approved and CE marked, meeting the highest safety standards for your peace of mind.

Features and Benefits

  • Underfloor Heating Sticky Mat (Two individual mats if kit size over 10m2)
  • The thinnest wire you can buy: 2mm, multi-strand core, double-insulated using advanced fluoropolymers
  • StickyMat with pressure-sensitive adhesive, for the fastest and most secure installation
  • Quick installation - Simply roll out the underfloor heating mat with pre-spaced wire
  • The pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures that no wire or mesh is raised when tiling or covering with self-levelling compound
  • Can be repositioned easily without losing adhesion
  • Flexible - no customising is necessary
  • Approvals: ASTA BEAB, KEMA, GS, CERTIF, VDE and CE mark
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Safety Net Installation Guarantee

Technical Specification

Heater construction Sticky fibreglass mesh with pre-spaced dual-core earth-screened cable
Operating voltage 220-240V; 50Hz
Mat width 500mm (0.5 metre)
Mat thickness 3mm
Inner insulation Advanced fluoropolymer (ETFE)
Outer insulation Advanced fluoropolymer (ETFE)
Output rating 200W/m2
Cold tail length (connection lead) 3m
Heater maximum temperature 55°C/131°F
Approvals ASTA BEAB, KEMA and GS

Please Note: The following is intended as a guide only. Always refer to the full installation manual for instructions.

  • Divide the floor into a series of rectangles. From these measurements, you can calculate how many mats you'll need and what sizes. Exclude permanent or static fixtures from your calculations.
  • If the floor is screed over concrete, it is advisable to lay insulation boards to minimize heat loss and ensure quicker warm-up times.
  • Lay the first run. At the end of the run cut the mat leaving the cable intact, turn the mat through 90º or 180º, and continue laying. When the area is covered, adjust the mat until the loops are an equal distance apart. Now attach the mat to the subfloor using the special tape supplied.
  • You will need to install an RCD fused spur which powers the thermostatic controller/programmer and the matting system heating element network. Lay the temperature probe from the timer-thermostat onto the floor, equidistant between two of the cable loops, and attach it to the floor surface. Now take the unheated power supply cable from the end of the matting system, which should be positioned near the thermostat. Once all the connections have been made to the power supply, run the heater(s) to ensure they are heating up (no more than 10 minutes).
  • Either lay a thin, self-levelling screed over the mat and leave it to dry before laying tiles or trowel flexible tile adhesive directly over the mat and lay the floor tiles. Once the grouting is complete, let the tile adhesive cure before switching on the system.

Warmup 6ie Smart

  • Controlled by the latest version of the Warmup MyHeating App
  • Custom photo backgrounds and adjustable screen brightness
  • Exceptional efficiency savings using Warmup exclusive SmartGeo technology
  • AutoSwitch technology that switches Warmup users to their most favourable tariff, for free and by election each year a new and better tariff appears
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 115 x 90 x 16mm
  • 12 years manufacturer's warranty when installed with Warmup heating systems

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Warmup Tempo

  • Stylish and contemporary design
  • Clear screen displaying program details, room temperature and current time
  • Early Start function learns how long it takes to heat your room so it's up to temperature at the time you set
  • A mode for every need: manual, automatic and frost protection

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Warmup Manual

  • MSTAT depth allows flush mounting in standard socket
  • Floor probe ensures precise control of temperature
  • Easy regulation of your house temperature
  • No need of programming, the MSTAT simply enables you to target your desired comfort temperature

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Warmup Element WiFi

  • Reduces energy use by up to 25%
  • Automatic control of your heating, automatically turning heating down
  • Simple and stylish functionality
  • Simple touch buttons for accurate control of your underfloor heating system

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