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ProWarm™ Electric underfloor heating 100w sticky mat kit

ProWarm™ Electric underfloor heating 100w sticky mat kit

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Buy a ProWarm™ mat & thermostat as part of a kit and get an Accessory Kit thrown in for free!

ProWarm™ Electric Underfloor Heating Sticky Mats provide a reliable and effective underfloor heating system that can work with tiles and many other floor coverings (installation methods differ, please call us for advice).

The ProWarm™ Electric Underfloor Heating Sticky Mats System consists of a thin loose wire, evenly spaced and attached to a sticky glass fibre mesh, which allows for the fastest and most secure installation method of electric underfloor heating. The system is available in a choice of 100 W/m2, 150 W/m2 and 200 W/m2 heat outputs.

ProWarm™ Underfloor Heating kits contain everything you need to install them - all packed and supplied in one box complete with full colour instructions.


Each ProWarm™ underfloor heating system and thermostat comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Please note this Warranty does not cover HeatMiser or AUBE thermostats as these brands are covered by their own manufacturer's warranty.

Full Technical Support is provided free of charge by our team of Fully Qualified Electricians and, for total peace of mind, each system comes with the amazing CableSafe™ Guarantee - cut through your heating cable during installation and ProWarm™ will replace your cable free of charge.

Further Info

Please ensure all Safety Guidelines are adhered to during and after installation of this product.

Please Note: Choose an electric underfloor heating mat that will cover 90% of your floor area. It is best to order slightly less than you need as the cables CAN NOT be cut or shortened.

Electric underfloor heating kits contain the following items:

  • underfloor heating mat

    ProWarm™ Underfloor Heating Mat (2 mats if over 12m2 or 3 mats over 24m2)

    • Our high quality ETFE advanced insulation system is made with the highest quality Fluoropolymer's and does not contain any PVC coatings whatsoever.
    • ProWarm™ systems are only 2mm in thickness making our cables one of the thinnest on the market today.
    • The advantage of our ultra-thin cable means that they can be tiled straight over if needed.
    • ProWarm™ heating systems are constructed using multi strand wires making them extremely tough.
    • All our mats are 500mm wide
  • Digital thermostat

    Digital thermostat

    Choice of programmable digital thermostat with floor temperature probe. All Prowarm™ digital thermostats come with a Lifetime Warranty*.

  • Floor Primer

    Floor Primer

    Prowarm™ Ultraprime is a high performance universal priming/sealing agent, suitable for a variety of building substrates including plaster, timber, brick and block work.

  • High Quality Roller

    High Quality Roller

    For applying floor primer to sub-floor

  • Adhesive Tape

    Adhesive Tape

    To assist in holding mat or cable in position when installing

Room Calculator

Need help calculating your total heat area?

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Please Note: The following is intended as a guide only. Always refer to the full installation manual for instructions.

  1. Divide the floor into a series of rectangles. From these measurements you can calculate how many mats you’ll need and what sizes. Exclude permanent or static fixtures from your calculations.
  2. If the floor is screed over concrete, it is advisable to lay insulation boards to minimise heat loss and ensure quicker warm up times.
  3. Lay the first run. At the end of the run cut the mat leaving the cable intact, turn the mat through 90° or 180° and continue laying. When the area is covered, adjust the mat until the loops are equal distance apart. Now attach the mat to the subfloor using the special tape supplied.
  4. You will need to install an RCD fused spur which powers the thermostatic controller/programmer and the mat system. Lay the temperature probe from the timer-thermostat onto the floor, equidistant between two of the cable loops, and attach it to the floor surface. Now take the unheated power supply cable from the end of the mat system, which should be positioned near the thermostat. Once all the connections have been made to the power supply, run the heater(s) to ensure they are heating up (no more than 10 minutes).
  5. Either lay a thin, self-levelling screed over the mat and leave it to dry before laying tiles or trowel flexible tile adhesive directly over the mat and lay the floor tiles. Once the grouting is complete, let the tile adhesive cure before switching on the system.

The ProWarm™ Electric Underfloor Heating Sticky Mat uses the same high quality cable as the ProWarm™ Loose Cable kit, the mat kit simply uses a sticky fibreglass mesh to ensure the desired heat output is acheived by spacing the cable at the correct distance. It also makes the installation of the system extremely easy as the mat is simply rolled out to cover the required heating area.

The system uses a series type heating cable with a twin conductor and a cold lead of 2m at one end.

The resistance heating wire is enclosed in an initial fluoropolymer insulation layer, which is itself is wrapped in a protective metal shielding, before being encased in a final plastic outer sheath. The final diameter of the twin conductor cable is 2mm.

The Hot and Cold lead junctions are uniquely designed to make them 100% foolproof.

Meets all test requirements of IEC 60335.
CE certified by SGS
Under floor heating provides heat where required, resulting in optimal heat utilization and minimal losses.
Can be laid on any area, or any floor layout.
Close and uniform spacing of heating cables, associated with thermostat controls to select temperature requirements, provides higher comfort.
ProWarm™ underfloor heating systems are designed to be easy to install, with clear instruction manuals professional technical support and amazing back up.
A wide range of heat loads and sizes ensure suitability to all kinds of floorings.
NameProduct CodePrice
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 1.0m2887£79.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 1.5m2888£100.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 2.0m2899£113.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 2.5m2900£124.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 3.0m2911£149.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 3.5m2912£158.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 4.0m2914£173.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 4.5m2915£185.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 5.0m2916£205.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 6.0m2917£241.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 7.0m2918£259.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 8.0m2919£280.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 9.0m2920£305.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 10.0m2889£326.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 11.0m2890£349.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 12.0m2891£373.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 13.0m2892£413.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 14.0m2893£436.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 15.0m2894£458.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 16.0m2895£482.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 17.0m2896£503.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 18.0m2897£529.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 19.0m2898£554.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 20.0m2901£569.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 21.0m2902£587.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 22.0m2903£604.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 23.0m2904£620.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 24.0m2905£640.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 25.0m2906£643.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 26.0m2907£652.00
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 27.0m2908£655.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 28.0m2909£659.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 29.0m2910£664.99
ProWarm™ 100w mat - 30.0m2913£673.00

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