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Does Underfloor Heating Increase Property Value?

Does Underfloor Heating Increase Property Value?

Underfloor heating can be a great way to increase overall property value. When considering how to add value to your home when it is time to sell or get a higher asking price, it's worth considering underfloor heating as one of the most valuable propositions to achieve such a goal.

Despite the upfront investment of underfloor heating potentially being reasonably significant depending on the size of the surface area you're looking to cover, the initial expense of installing underfloor heating can quickly pay for itself by being economical energy-wise. It can also work as an advantage in attracting additional buyers and increasing the value of your home or business when you come to sell.

How can underfloor heating increase property value?

Save space around your home

Underfloor heating is precisely as the name suggests: it is tucked away under the surface of your floor. This means that there is no compromise on space within the rooms of your home that you could get from heating alternatives such as radiators. Space, of course, is an essential factor for buyers, meaning it could increase the property's value if the obstructions are kept to a minimum by using underfloor heating.

Energy efficiency

Underfloor heating, in general, but in particular, a water underfloor heating system, significantly reduces the overall cost of utility bills by efficiently and effectively heating your home. The efficiency of underfloor heating outguns other home heating methods, which is a handsome prospect for people looking to buy a house—ensuring your next buyer will benefit from more efficient home heating.

With a compatible underfloor heating thermostat, you have a smart-home-enabled system that allows for full control over your heating system. You can adjust temperature settings, create schedules, and monitor energy usage easily from your smartphone or tablet. We highly recommend ProWarm™ ProTouch Thermostats, which are perfect when paired with a matching ProWarm underfloor heating system.


Homes with underfloor heating often have higher-quality flooring, such as hardwood or tiling. This adds value to a house because the home will already come with quality flooring that does not need replacing and a quality heating system to match. This flooring and underfloor heating combination means that heat will conduct far better than other forms of heating, leaving the floor ambient long after the system has been switched off.

Check out these electric underfloor heating mat kits or these water underfloor heating systems - there are many options for various flooring and rooms.

Easily maintained

Underfloor heating systems are far easier to maintain after installation than other forms of heating. They can be easily controlled through thermostats, and you can even pinpoint rooms/areas to heat. Once fitted, underfloor heating is very autonomous and doesn't require frequent checks or maintenance. This future-proofs a home, as it will have the most modern and up-to-date heating option available, meaning its value will only increase with underfloor heating installation.

Elevated home comfort

Home comfort is going to be a huge selling point for potential buyers of your home, and installing underfloor heating, whether that be an electric or water-based system, is the best way to guarantee your home comfort is as good as it possibly can be - increasing the value of the home. Long cold winters in the UK mean homes can become chilly and uncomfortable; underfloor heating maintains efficient heating throughout the home as it covers a wide surface area at a much cheaper cost. Underfloor heating can even have a cooling option, which allows for cooling throughout the home in the hotter months of the year.

Added luxury

Underfloor heating will tell buyers that the home they are looking to purchase is luxurious. It'll show that thought and effort have been put into elevating the house's overall comfort and aesthetic, which will be priceless to potential buyers when considering making offers for your home—increasing the overall property value.


To conclude, installing underfloor heating in a home indicates that the house is designed and kept to a high standard. This is true both physically, with the installation of the most modern home heating system available to homeowners, and in terms of the perceived value and care the home has been given. Potential buyers will see this and value the house at a greater level than if it didn't have underfloor heating and place it favourably with your home standing out in a crowded housing market.

Explore the vast range of underfloor heating & underfloor heating thermostats available on The Underfloor Heating Store's website.

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