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Heatmiser neoHub Internet Gateway Hub

From £134.99
Now £134.99
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Heatmiser neoHub Internet Gateway Hub
From £134.99
Now £134.99
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The neoHub Gen 2 serves as the central hub and communication gateway for the Heatmiser Neo System, connecting the neoStat, neoAir, and neoPlug devices. If you want to control your heating and hot water system from your smartphone, the neoHub Gen 2 is a must-have.

Key Features:

  • Homekit Support: The neoHub Gen 2 offers HomeKit support for all connected Neo devices, allowing seamless integration with Apple's smart home ecosystem.
  • Cloud Server Connection: The neoHub Gen 2 connects to the Heatmiser Cloud Servers, eliminating the need for complex technical setup. The connection is established effortlessly.
  • Mesh Networking: With the neoHub Gen 2 managing network traffic, data is automatically routed from neoStat to neoStat using the most efficient path. This mesh networking capability ensures excellent coverage throughout your home. In areas with weak signals, the neoPlug can be used to boost the signal.
  • Remote Updates: The neoHub Gen 2 and connected devices receive automatic updates, ensuring you always have the latest firmware and benefit from the newest software enhancements.
  • Easy Setup and Pairing: The neoHub Gen 2 connects to your home router using an Ethernet cable, requiring a free port. It is a plug-and-play device, and pairing with neoStat, neoAir, and neoPlug is incredibly simple. You can pair up to 32 Neo devices to the hub.
  • In-Home and Remote Access: Once you have paired all your Neo devices with the neoHub Gen 2, you gain convenient in-home and remote access to control your heating, hot water, and appliances.

To ensure your neoHub Gen 2 is always up to date, it automatically downloads and installs the latest software enhancements. This guarantees you have access to the most advanced features and improvements.

Connection 1 x Ethernet Port (RJ45) Lead Supplied
No. of connected devices 32
Included in the kit 1 x neoHub
1 x Ethernet Lead
1 x Mini USB Power Lead
4 x Power Adaptors
Mesh function Yes
Supply 230V AC
Dimensions (W x H x D) 170 x 91 x 25.5mm


What if my Internet connection drops?
If your internet connection is lost you won’t be able to control your home heating system via the app. However you can still control the heating via the buttons on the thermostats.

Do I need a computer to setup the neo system?
No, just a Smartphone or tablet with the Heatmiser app installed.

Do I need a fixed IP?

Is there a subscription fee to this system?
No, everything is free to use. Your neoHub and neoStats will also automatically receive and install all ongoing software updates absolutely free.

What's the range of the neo system?
50m from the neohub to the neoStat. The signal is then bounced with the same strength to the next thermostat so the signal from the hub has virtually zero chance of ever being too weak to connect.

Requirements for neo app controlled heating

  1. neoStat: The neoStat is mains powered, so at least 3 wires excluding the earth are required at your thermostat position. Swapping your existing thermostat to the neoStat
  2. neoHub: The neoHub requires a DHCP compatible broadband router.
  3. SmartPhone App: You will need an iOS or Android compatible mobile device.