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Heatmiser UH8-N, 12V Wiring Centre Network, 8 Zone

From £139.99
Now £139.99
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Heatmiser UH8-N, 12V Wiring Centre Network, 8 Zone
From £139.99
Now £139.99
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The Heatmiser UH8-N is a versatile wiring centre designed to work seamlessly with our 12V Network thermostats. It serves as a central switching unit and is ideally located next to the underfloor heating manifold, providing efficient control for your heating system.

Key Features:

  • Eight Zone Control: The UH8-N allows you to control up to eight zones, giving you the flexibility to regulate the temperature in different areas of your space individually.
  • Hot Water Cylinder Output: In addition to the zone control, the wiring centre provides an output for a hot water cylinder, allowing you to integrate hot water management into your heating system.
  • On-Demand Switching: When any zone calls for heat, the UH8-N activates a 230V output to switch the relevant zone actuators, underfloor heating pump, and valve, ensuring precise temperature control and energy efficiency.
  • Boiler Compatibility: The wiring centre features a volt-free connection for the boiler, making it compatible with almost all boiler models, enabling seamless communication between the heating system and the boiler.
  • Actuator Support: Each zone can accommodate up to six actuators, providing comprehensive control over the underfloor heating system in each zone.
  • Radiator Option: The UH8-N offers the option to configure Zone 8 as a radiator zone, allowing you to control a radiator separately. In this mode, the underfloor heating pump, valve, and boiler are not activated when there is a heat demand from Zone 8.
  • DIN Rail Mounting: The UH8-N is designed for DIN Rail Mounting, ensuring easy and secure installation.
  • Output Indication: LED indicators on the wiring centre provide clear status indications for each zone, boiler, pump, and valve, simplifying system testing and troubleshooting for installers.

The UH8-N works seamlessly with our low voltage thermostats, allowing for efficient and reliable control of your underfloor heating system. It also features network connectivity to the Heatmiser Touchpad, providing enhanced control and monitoring capabilities.

    With its advanced features and robust design, the Heatmiser UH8-N provides a reliable and convenient solution for managing your underfloor heating system.

    Supply 230v AC
    Relay Load Max 3A
    Total Load 5A
    Ip Protection IP20
    Dimensions (L,H,D) Mm 384x148x60mm
    No. Heating Zones 8
    No. Hw Zones 1
    Weight 850g


    • Actuator Outputs: 240V
    • Network Wiring to Thermostats: Low Voltage

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