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Wavin Hep2O Actuator 230V

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Wavin Hep2O Actuator 230V
From £28.00
Now £28.00
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The Wavin Hep2O Actuator 230V is a versatile and reliable component designed specifically for screeded floor installations. This actuator provides precise control and efficient operation for your underfloor heating system, ensuring optimal comfort and performance in residential and commercial spaces.

The Wavin Hep2O Actuator offers flexibility and adaptability to fit your specific room requirements. It can be configured to accommodate various floor layouts and sizes, allowing for customized heating solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you have tiled, wooden, or carpeted floors, this actuator is compatible with a wide range of floor finishes, ensuring seamless integration with your chosen flooring materials.

When combined with a modular composite manifold, the Wavin Hep2O Actuator can support up to 15 ports, providing excellent scalability and versatility for larger heating systems. This makes it suitable for various applications, from single-room installations to multi-zone setups in larger buildings.

Energy efficiency is a top priority, and the Wavin Hep2O Actuator delivers on this aspect. By effectively controlling the flow of water through the underfloor heating system, it helps optimize energy usage, reducing heating costs and minimizing environmental impact. This actuator ensures efficient heat distribution, allowing you to create a comfortable and sustainable living or working environment.

Reliability is paramount when it comes to underfloor heating systems, and the Wavin Hep2O Actuator offers a simple and dependable solution. The manifolds and controls are designed to be user-friendly and robust, providing peace of mind for every project. With this actuator, you can trust in its performance and durability, knowing that your underfloor heating system is in safe hands.

Key features

  • Compatible with a variety of floor finishes
  • Designed for screeded floor installations
  • Configurable to fit room requirements
  • Works with modular composite manifold for up to 15 ports
  • Energy-efficient option for heating homes and buildings
  • Reliable and user-friendly manifolds and controls
  • 230V power supply
Made To Order N
Manufacturer Model No 52UH402
Brand Name Hep2O
Range Description Underfloor Heating

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