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When to use a 100watt Electric Underfloor Heating System

When to use a 100watt Electric Underfloor Heating System

When it comes to building & renovation projects, we have an idealistic tick-list of love to have features or projects that will instantly boost your home value. In a study by Rightmove, underfloor heating ranked 4th on the list of key features that are highlighted most to attract potential buyers in 2022, and showed a massive growth of +114% just for this year. Underfloor Heating is classed as a luxury and installed to improve the energy efficiency of a home. This will instantly attract people to purchase the property over another with a standard or archaic central heating system. Particularly with many households now looking to abolish conventional heating methods, such as gas boilers and radiators.

Therefore, if you’re building or renovating your home, and considering adding electric underfloor heating, we’ll guide you to select the best-suited solution for your home heating needs.

Underfloor heating wattage

Let’s start off with the basics. The maximum power of an electric underfloor heating system is specified in watts p/m2. The ProWarm™ electric underfloor heating range comes in three different wattages, namely: 100watt, 150watt and 200watt. But which wattage underfloor heating is best suited for your needs?

To help you with your selection process, we shed some light specifically on when a 100watt Electric Underfloor Heating Solution is best suited.

Uses for 100watt Electric Underfloor Heating

100watt electric underfloor heating mats are best suited for two uses, namely:

  1. Primary heating in new builds
  2. Secondary heating under tiles

Primary Heating

ProWarm 100w underfloor heating mats provide a very economical heating solution for large floor areas in a well-insulated home.

For new builds, the current building regulations only require between 35-45watts of heat energy per square metre to effectively heat the home. Our 100watt per square metre heating mat is great in this scenario and is sufficient for any room in a new build home.

Houses that are slightly older up to 20 years old require between 45-60watts per square metre to heat the room. So why go for a 150watt or 200watt heating mat, when a 100watt product will give you all the power you will need?

Secondary Heating

100watt electric heating mats are perfect when installed in your first-floor bathroom or WC. These smaller square metre zones require very little power to give the essential heat output. 100watt heating mats are also ideal for under tiles and LVT flooring to optimise efficient heat distribution. And lastly, work extremely well with well-insulated timber subfloors.

ProWarm™ Electric underfloor heating 100w sticky mat kit: ProWarm™ Electric underfloor heating 100w sticky mat kit:

Insulation boards

Preparing your floor for underfloor heating is so important for the system to operate cost efficiently. A small investment in Prowarm insulation boards will direct the heat upwards into your floor and the room and reduce heat loss into the subfloor. This will result in the floor heating more quickly and reduced energy consumption, thus lowering your energy bills in the long run.

The Prowarm insulation range for Prowarm electric underfloor heating includes:

  • Prowarm Backer-Pro Tile Backer Board from £15.97 p/m2

Suitable for under tile floor coverings with a thickness from 6mm.

  • Prowarm XP-Pro Board from £11.10 p/m2

Suitable for under tile and wood floor coverings with a thickness from 6mm.

  • Prowarm Profoam from £4.00 p/m2

Suitable for under wood, vinyl (incl. LVT) and carpet with a thickness of 6mm.

100w Underfloor Heating Running Costs

Running costs for 100watt per square metre heating mat:

Running costs

Average bathroom 2.5m2 costing just £10.57 per month with a 100watt mat at current energy pricing levels. 1m2 WC costing £4.23 per month. These estimates are based on electricity costs for September 2022 at 29.24p per kwh.