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Underfloor Heating Upstairs - What You Need To Know - The Underfloor Heating Store

Underfloor Heating Upstairs - What You Need To Know

When you're first introduced to underfloor heating, it is commonly seen as a ground floor solution for heating your home, with underfloor heating upstairs installation often reserved for new builds or extensive renovations. However, at The Underfloor Heating Store we believe in breaking free from the conventional notion of a radiator. Discover why the warmth and luxury of underfloor heating shouldn't be confined to the ground floor only - it's time to extend that cozy embrace to your first floor! But what if underfloor heating seems impractical or too challenging to install for your upper floor? Fear not! We have an alternative non-radiator solution that could well be the perfect fit. Read more to find out.

Installation methods

When it comes to installing underfloor heating, installation methods vary depending on a water or electric solution that has been chosen. Water underfloor heating can be installed in-screed, in-joists or retrofitted on top of your existing floor surface. Similarly, electric systems can be easily rolled out on top of the surface of your floor. With numerous installation options available for both electric and water-based systems, finding a suitable solution for underfloor heating on your first floor is more achievable than ever.

Full-house heating benefits

Embracing a full-house heating system with underfloor heating brings a massive amount of benefits. Experience the luxury of a clean and sophisticated interior design, bid farewell to bulky radiators that steal your wall space, and relish in radiant warmth from the floors all across your entire home.

Underfloor installation obstacles

In certain scenarios, you may encounter obstacles that prevent the installation of underfloor heating on your upper floor. For example, perhaps your floor doesn't have a sufficient enough drop, or your renovation plans just can't go as far as bringing up the floor for a new system. Thankfully, there's an answer for this - skirting board heating.

Skirting board heating and underfloor heating

A strategic pairing with underfloor heating on the ground floor with skirting board heating on the first floor offers a comprehensive and efficient heating solution. This combination ensures that every nook and corner of your first floor stays comfortably warm, and can be installed without taking up the floor, offering an easy and convenient solution to first floor heating.


In summary, underfloor heating upstairs, whether as a standalone option or paired with skirting board heating, is a practical and effective solution for heating your home. Say goodbye to bulky radiators and embrace a sleek, efficient heating system that caters to every floor of your home. At The Underfloor Heating Store, we're dedicated to transforming your home heating experience, so contact us today to explore the possibilities and make your entire home a haven of comfort and luxury.

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