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Underfloor Heating & Carpet - Does It Work? - The Underfloor Heating Store

Underfloor Heating & Carpet - Does It Work?

With carpet providing a soft, luxurious feel to your home or business, many people ask whether underfloor heating and carpet can go together. It is well-known that underfloor heating matches perfectly with tiles and laminate, but can the trusty carpet fit in with your next project? There are a few considerations that are worth taking into account - read on to find more.

Underfloor heating and carpet - the benefits

Carpet can offer various benefits in a home, contributing to the comfort and aesthetics of your lifestyle. Carpet brings about comfort and warmth, with a soft comfortable surface underfoot, especially during colder seasons whereby tiles can be almost unbearable when the temperatures drop. They also work in a part to reduce noise, absorbing sound and reducing the decibels of day-to-day life such as footsteps, moving furniture or children playing.

Carpets are also great at insulating your home, providing an additional layer of warmth to your floors. They work to retain heat and are known to contribute to energy efficiency by reducing the need to whack your radiator up a further notch. Like underfloor heating, carpet is a very versatile material, it can be installed in almost any room or area of any size, and so is a go-to flooring option for installation in tight corners or rooms that require a bit more of a quicker installation.

High-quality carpets when properly maintained can be durable and long-lasting. With regular cleaning and care, carpets can last for over a decade without needing replacing. When it comes to replacement, they are also a very cost-effective flooring option and are a budget-friendly choice for homeowners.

What carpets can I use with underfloor heating?

When using carpet with underfloor heating, it is important to look at the type of carpet that is to be laid on top and to assess whether it will 1) be safe with your system and 2) will work well with your system.

Very thick carpets, known in the industry as 'high pile carpets' or shag carpets can be detrimental to an underfloor heating system, as they work to keep your floor extremely insulated. Although insulation via carpet can be very efficient in keeping in heat, they will also work to prevent heat from an underfloor heating system from rising through the carpet and into your room. Look for carpets that are under 2.5 tog to ensure that your system will still be as powerful with carpet.

The backing of the carpet itself will also come into play when it comes to picking the right carpet to work with your system, carpets with rubber backings are seen as one to avoid as they will trap heat under the carpet and could result in mould.

What overlay should I pair with underfloor heating and carpet?

When it comes to installing your underfloor heating system, dropping a carpet directly on top of your underfloor heating mat is not recommended and it is advised that a overlay system is used. Solutions such as the Heat-Pak Dual Overlay System work by being placed on top of your underfloor heating system, providing a base for you to install your carpet on top of. These overlay systems work by offering a very low thermal resistance, allowing heat energy to pass quickly and efficiently to the surface, this results in a fast warm up time and maximum comfort.

What underfloor heating system should I use with carpet?

Whilst there are numerous underfloor heating options on the market, from water or electric underfloor heating, and various types such as mat kits, cables or foils, for carpet underfloor heating installs we recommend pairing this with a foil underfloor heating mat. This heating foil sees cables encased between two layers of heat reflective aluminium foil that works to offer reliable and even heat distribution through your carpet that is consistent and controllable to suit your needs. When paired with Heat-Pak Dual Overlay System, you'll find the two components will be an ultimate pairing for a carpet underfloor heating installation.

Will underfloor heating and carpet be safe?

Matching underfloor heating with carpet is entirely safe, however we strongly advise that you hire a reputable underfloor heating expert to correctly install your system for that peace of mind and to ensure your system for many years to come. You should also obey the maximum temperature for carpet flooring of 27°C and ensure the system is not installed under any fitted furniture such as cabinets or cupboards.


In conclusion, the combination of underfloor heating and carpet is a harmonious pairing that need not be avoided, and many homeowners are currently embracing this setup to enhance the comfort and efficiency of their homes. The marriage of underfloor heating and carpet brings together the luxurious warmth provided by the heating system with the soft, plush feel of carpeting underfoot. By embracing such pairing, homeowners can create a haven of relaxation and well-being, where the practical advantages of underfloor heating can seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic and tactile pleasures offered by a well-chosen carpet.

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